If the organization is all about money.....

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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Then why would they be so insistent about Dfing people ? If it's money the Watchtower Org is after, it seems like they'd want to hold on to all the members they can.

    How would you answer this logic?

  • designs

    The exclusitivity lends to the appeal.

  • Focus

    Then why would they be so insistent about Dfing people ? If it's money the Watchtower Org is after, it seems like they'd want to hold on to all the members they can. How would you answer this logic?

    Pete Zahut, you call that "logic"?? lol!

    The answer to this non-dilemma is obvious.

    Df before they contaminate the flock and cause FAR MORE PEOPLE to see the light... start thinking.... and defect.

    Simple as that.

    The great enemy of the Watchtower is TRUTH. They can't allow it to be spoken.



    ("TRUTH" Class)

  • Finkelstein

    People this organizations lures in are being carefully shaped and molded to be the organization's own

    sales representatives, so having controlled behavior regulated for appealing outward appearance in the

    most supportive way is deemed the utmost importance.

    They use tactics of fear and coercion to lure people in as well to further retain members aspects of fear

    to eventually keep them in a state of manipulation and exploitation.


    Sure its about acquiring money for this organization doesn't exists with out it, but its also about power and control for men who desire power and control.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Like Focus


  • LostGeneration

    Its not all about money, its about control.

    Money is a nice side benefit.

  • villagegirl

    The exclusitivity lends to the appeal.

    Absurd as that actually is; I think designs is right.

    Its a "sole survivors club" All JW's think they have "special knowledge"

    no-one else "knows" but the "chosen ones". Its all about being special.

    Its same sort elitism the atheists think they have on this site.

    "We are in possession of the true knowledge, not like you scum."

    To be "in-with-the "in"- crowd" is the appeal, a members only,

    special class of people. They feel protected by belonging, by

    feeling they distinguish themselves from the masses.

    To be able to snub anyone who violates the rules is

    part of this mindset. I have heard jw's talk about people

    after they left, or were disfellowshipped, they would have

    seen them on the street and they said, "Did you see her ?

    She looked awful. (she didn't) Did you see how sad she looked?

    There's nothing "out there' you know." They were very self satisfied.

    at having this woman to feel so superior to. It works for them.

    Its like living in a Gated Community, with security gaurds.

    I even heard some jw woman say " We have the Governy Body",

    in a tone implying the 'specialness' of this, she actually thinks

    God is only dealing with these eight men and all she

    has to do is show up, and never complain.

    No thinking required and no strenuous acts of charity,

  • jgnat

    The WTS is not in growth phase but Cash Cow phase. To maximize profit, be stable, don't tweak the process too much and squeeze as much value as you can before reinvesting.

    The DF process can also be described as "kill one monkey scare thousands", another business slogan. A few examples and all sorts of R&F will "toe the line" (military terms).

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi Pete Zahut, It is about labeling people who no longer believe in the WTBTS, so that the cult personas of other JWs are able to justify shunning them. It is better to lose one JW instead of allowing one JW to influenance other JWs into believing that the WTBTS is a dangerous cult.

    This characteristic of the WTBTS and reason for doing it was reported in Why the Jehovah’s Witnesses Grow so Rapidly: A Theoretical Application by Rodney Stark & Laurence R Iannaccone in 1997. Since that article was written the WTBTS has continued to grow, but I believe at a lower rate because of reduced hours to qualify as publishers/pioneers, the internet, and reduced social cohesivenss in congregations. Maybe the WTBTS is trying to reduce that trend of slower (declining) growth by rebranding itself as JW.org and holding social events at DCs.

    Hubris (feeling unique/special) can be a great motivator for negative-type individuals to ridicule others.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Comatose

    villagegirl is on fire tonight. :)

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