Jehovah's Witnesses Give Presents Their Own Way

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  • Bangalore
  • OnTheWayOut

    All fine and good. In one former Jw''s experience, she did not feel cheated by their not celebrating. Three things: 1. The typical JW family does not do well making a difference to the kids with gifts at other times. 2. Many JW children are terrified of violating Jehovah''s rules at birthday and holiday celebrations. 3. JW children feel left out from the other children.

    Even most non-Christian kids don't run away terrified from birthday cupcakes at school or feel like lightning will strike them if they accept a piece of candy connected to a holiday.

  • sparrowdown

    She forgot to mention how JWs shun "in their own way"

    Oh yeah, growing up JW - the gift that just keeps giving.

  • OneEyedJoe

    Its amazing how the indoctrination lingers. Still reciting the stock lines "It's more exciting because I don't know when I'm going to get a present!" As if it's about the damn presents. It's not. It's about separation from other people - as a JW there are constant signals that "worldly" people aren't like you. Talking about christmas/birthdays/holidays is just one of a thousand small, constant cues that you're around someone who's not like you. Cues that you shouldn't get too close to this person or share too much with them. This is what it's all about. Many cults put up literal walls to separate their members from the rest of society, the JWs put up virtual walls that can be just as effective. Literal walls are obvious and it's easy to wonder "are they keeping me in or keeping dangers out" but the virtual walls that get put up to keep a JW from getting too close to normal people are much more subtle and much less likely to be blamed on the leadership of the cult.

    It's so sad to me to see someone who's ostensibly left the cult but has never actually examined the sweeping effects it's had on their life, or really proven to themselves that it's not just a false religion but a harmful mind control cult. I suppose it makes sense when someone leaves at such a young age that they might not make this connection since they're still at a point where there's an expectation of some control over your life by others.

  • WTWizard
    Usually, "their own way" means grudgingly and stingily. Often, jokehovian parents use the religion as an excuse to stint on giving toys and games (and other fun things) to their children. This can be the result of being hounded to quit jobs or donate more to the Worldwide Damnation Fund, as well as parental attitudes that "too many toys can dull the drive to be at the boasting sessions and in field circus".

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