what are you worth to the watchtower ?

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  • bigmac

    breaking this subject down into categories. this is--obviously --only my opinion. any offence caused is simply intentional.

    in no particular order


    high value to the wts: especially born-ins. but only if they are frail--and own their own home / cash assets on deposit. it is essential they leave everything to the society---yet be encouraged to stay at home as long as possible. minimum time spent in a care home: high drain on their resources.


    very little value to the wts; noisy unruly kids at the meetings. nightmare out on the service. very little cash donations--especially if living on state benefits. best if left to fend for themselves--will most likely drift away or get disfellowshipped. ( probably not for the first time ) any kids will most likely have kids of their own by their mid teens. definitely not new world material.


    could show good potential value:---provided they dont show any inclination towards higher education; must be willing to go pioneering as soon as they finish basic education. but must be discouraged from showing any interest in the above category.. excessive masturbation is highly likely---but if given sufficient counselling should be made to feel guilty--and therefore more easily controlled.

    other categories to follow. feel free to join in.

  • LongHairGal


    They probably look on any elderly people there as their biggest asset. Once these faithful older people are gone, there is nobody who is going to contribute as much as they did!

    However, I would have to add: a brother with a business is very much valuable to them as he can employ other JWs.

  • bigmac


    these are of highest value to the wts---provided their wives are also in the religion--and in subjection to them. they need to balance their earning capacity with their time needed for the ministry--and responsibilities in the congregation.. will be expected to reach out for positions of responsibilty and leadership. basic education is all that is required--any further education will be supplied by way of close scrutiny of the awake magazine. an ability to clean a window is desirable.

    MARRIED BROTHERS ( with opposed spouse )

    oh dear. these are of little value to the society: likely to be irregular in just about everything----meeting attendance---field service---donations. most likely to be easily distracted by their spouse demanding their wages--and conjugal rights just before the meetings. not to be considered for priveleges in the congregation.

  • LongHairGal

    Big Mac:

    Another desirable category: Older Married Couple who entertain a lot and the wife bakes cakes and has the "right" people over for dinner.

    The only time a Single Woman is desirable is if she does favors for all the users and lets herself be used like a taxi service. It also helps if she doesn't mind if she isn't invited anywhere (because she isn't really wanted) and that the only messages on her phone are requests for her to pick people up.

  • wannabefree

    About $160 if broken down and sold and you weigh around 180 lbs (http://www.datagenetics.com/blog/april12011/) .. so about 89 cents per pound

  • bigmac

    wannabefree---you mean melted down for soap ? didnt another 1000 year reign try that idea ?

  • bigmac


    are a real pain to the wts : on the one hand--they provide a degree of stability to the young single brothers--and will probably trap one into a marriage by their late teens.. but those who are less attractive to those testosterone fuelled young brothers------will go on to be long term pioneers, forever glancing sideways at the married brothers and causing all sorts of problems in the congregation.

    best if they are shipped off somewhere remote--where the need is greater than their need.

  • steve2

    To the Watchtower I am worth-less.

    To those with brains, however, I am priceless.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, the more thinking abilities a person has, the more they are hated in the religion (or viewed as "worthless"). They can't be controlled. That's what it's all about.


    Any single woman over 30 (with a brain) who is looking for a man should definitely look outside the religion!

  • bigmac

    @ longhairgal---thanx for joining in. totally agree with what you wrote x

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