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  • Londo111

    I hate self-promotion. But every time I put something out there on the internet, and then promote it, some part of me feels ashamed for drawing attention to myself. It’s really not about me. I don’t want to draw “followers” or make a name for myself, and I certainly don’t want to take a cent from anyone.

    I want to assist JWs who are just beginning their path of research so that they can begin a healthier path of their choosing--if they choose to do so. Or maybe there are former JWs who still wonder if they have “left the truth” and walk around in a cloud of gloom and doom.

    I remember what it was like in the beginning. I didn’t know who to trust or where to begin. I certainly don’t want JWs to take my word for it, but point them toward areas for them to do their own research. I’m definitely not infallible or claiming to be God’s mouthpiece. Also, I don’t claim to any greatness or specialness--there are better resources out there than mine. But, the more resources out there, the better!

    2014 is being promoted as a year of special significance: 100 years since 1914. Next year will be 40 years since 1975. During these next few years, some Jehovah’s Witnesses will be looking for answers and I hope that some of this research can be of some assistance to a few of them. Perhaps some will wonder: was 1914 the start of the last days? Was Jerusalem destroyed in 607 BC? What are the Gentile Times? Is the Generation two overlapping groups? Who is the Faithful Slave?

    I never intended to write articles, never imagined making videos or framing a website around them. I’m a very shy person. I don’t like the sound of my voice and as a consequence, don’t even like talking on the phone. In the beginning, I really just wanted to sit down with a few close friends and family and share what I found, that is, with the people I cared about the most. Unfortunately, it was not to be, for they wouldn’t give a listening ear.

    Therefore, what I had to share, I decided share with everyone who would hear. I spent many evenings and weekends on this endeavor. So as not to that to go to waste, unfortunately, I have to be somewhat “self-promoting” from time to time. I do ask the folks on JWN, in particular, the long-timers, to be patient with me.

  • Crazyguy

    Keep up the good work!!!!

  • Londo111

    Thank you. Hopefully, the next time I'm out your way again, we can meet up.

  • GoUnion

    I had enjoyed many of your posts I wish you well in your endeavors.

  • steve2

    Londo111, I like your posts. You always have good things to say! I think you are correct that as 1914 and the embarrassing 1975 become ever more distant, it is reasonable to assume JWs with brains will be wondering and hopefully investigating...even if on the quiet.

  • RichardHaley

    I found your channel a couple of months ago and concider it one of the best out there. I like the way you avoid drawing attention to yourself and stick to the facts you have uncovered. My favorite playlist is your "When Ancient Jerusalem was Destroyed" which I have watch several times and have played with Sky Chart because of it. The appendix to the playlist is most informative and sets the viewer with the basics needed to comprehend the rest of the series.

    Thanks for you hard work and know that I have been able to share your vids with a life long friend who is now waking up or I should say both of us at the same time!

  • Londo111

    Thank you, Richard! That is excellent about your friend.

    I'm hoping it will help more people doing the research, just like you are doing with the skycharts. Every time I look in the evening sky and see a planet against the background constellations, I think to myself how unfounded the Watchtower's authority is and how unjustifiable thier shunning policy.

  • Londo111

    Thanks, GoUnion and Steve.

  • Pterist

    You got me at "I hate" ;)

    if you are ever in the Orlando - St. Augustine Florida area look me up !

  • jgnat

    I am sure there is something in Ecclesiastes about the wisest failing to self-promote. I am sure your materials hit just the right note, and bravo for speaking up.

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