Playing LIVE worldly music and dance party INSIDE kingdomhall??? Is the WT turning pentecostal??

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  • Magnum


    Since the Bible record of weddings does not stress music and dancing, should this not guide a couple who plan a wedding that will honor Jehovah? Yet, in preparation for several recent weddings in southern Africa, Christian youths who were chosen to form part of the bridal party spent long hours practicing complicated dance steps. For months an inordinate amount of their time was used in this way. But Christians need to ‘buy out the time’ for “the more important things,” such as the evangelizing work, personal study, and attending Christian meetings"

    Now after reading that article, can you imagine that "for months an inordinate amount of time" was used for them to learn those loud worldly songs? Shouldn't they have instead been 'buying out the time' for 'more important things' such as field service?

    The amount of time consumed by all the practice, prep, etc. was one of the main things I thought about in conncection with all this International Convention entertainment stuff. The drummer (evidently the leader of "The Theocratic Revue") actually said they spent many hours practicing.

    To answer your question, Yes. If JWs are what they say they are and if they truly believe that the end of the world is imminent and that billions of lives are at stake, then they should be very seriously and urgently using all available time to warn the world - not using their time frivolously. They don't act like a people who think billions of lives are to be lost at any minute, perhaps in a few months (as evidenced by the statement that this past Memorial might be the last).

  • frankiespeakin

    God what is worse listening to a very boring talk about the need to always obey the Governing Body or watch these people make believe that they are having fun in things Organizationally approved things you can do to entertain your self and not get disfellowshipped for joy o make believe joy?

    Of cource this is missing the standard warning of not to let it interfer with other Corporation authorized activities(slaving for the Corporation). It screams "See mind dead zombies can still have some type of fun, we are normal just like everybody else not in the cult."

  • FlyingHighNow

    I think it would have been much more impressed if the first group had followed Stand By Me with this:

  • Finkelstein

    The question remains is it wrong to do this inside a Kingdom Hall or was it wrong for a

    group of untalented people playing musical instruments and singing before a group designated visitors ?

    By all accounts it looked like the visitors really got into it, never expecting that kind of welcome or greeting.


    The WTS sure have changed over the years though haven't they ?

    A little more liberal and little more culty, I would say.

  • AlphaMan

    This is so different from the Watchtower religion that I remember that it is like watching Bizzaro world. I have come to the conclusion that the JW Governing Body could in short time make JW's into JW Pentecostals, Jonestown martyrs, or whatever they felt like making them into. This religion is nothing but all about obeying any current Governing Body directives and worshipping the Organization.

  • objectivetruth

    HAha.. I was Amused by this, and far from Surprised.. My Wife was Stumbled. - Pretty bad when you can Stumble an Apostate.

  • EndofMysteries

    Just goes to show how hypocritical the whole religion is and it's just getting worse. They broke so many rules, wasting time practicing for music/dancing, not being serious in the kingdomhall, playing worldly music in the kingdomhall, having it loud, etc. It's NOT okay if it's for your own party at your own house, for a wedding, or any other event. But it IS okay if the GB says it is for their own purposes.

  • Comatose

    I would rather listen to that weird guy than the girl! She is horrible!

  • sparrowdown

    Really puts the 'ham" in hammer-time.

    Do they take requests?

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