My Satantic Smurf Scratch n' Sniff Stickers Story (True!)

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  • Phaedra

    Back in the early 80s when I was around 9 or 10, my slightly-older best JW friend relished telling me all the latest scare stories she heard about the satanic smurfs popping off of wallpaper, cutting babies with sharp objects, and running through kingdom hall corridors swearing. Wide-eyed with no critical thinking skills at. all. I listened and believed every single word. I was fully afraid of the lil' blue demons!

    The craze in our 5th grade class at the time was collecting scratch and sniff stickers (remember these? Oh memory lane!) Well, of course there were also popular Smurf stickers, and everyone who was anyone had them all. Well actually, not everyone. In our 5th grade class, two boys were the collection kings because they had all the cool stickers and pooled their collections together.

    By pure serendipity, I happened to get ahold of some very hard-to-get stickers and had some they didn't have, but very much wanted, so they invited me to join in their collective collection, become a queen in their sticker empire and enjoy royalty status in our 5th grade classroom. I jumped at the opportunity!

    So, with our collective pool of stinky stickers, we decided that the fairest way of sharing our treasure trove was that each of us got to "hold" onto the collection on assigned days and take it home overnight and on weekends.

    When my first weekend came up and I was thrilled to take the collection home. Well, except for knowing there were lots of scratch n' sniff Smurf stickers in the collection... that made me uneasy, but I was willing to take the chance.

    Let me tell you... the entire weekend I had fear and dread inside me everytime I looked over at the collection sitting on my dresser. I was certain that those smurfs were going to come out of the sticker pages and torment me somehow. The anxiety I felt all weekend about the smurf stickers overshadowed any joy or pleasure I derived out of having the treasured collection.

    I didn't tell my parents. I just sat all weekend with this big secret staring at me, hoping I wouln't be attacked by satan because I had silly scratch and sniff stickers with smurfs on them in my bedroom. I was afraid of printed ink on paper!

    I ended up getting through the weekend without incident (just my anxious overactive imagination) and promply took the collection back to school. When I saw my two fellow classmate collectors I told them that I wanted out of the group and that they could keep my stickers. I was immediately releived to cast out the demons.

    In retrospect, what a waste. And a great anecdote of how JW urban legends were indeed spread and seeding fear into the little hearts and minds of trusting children.

    When I got married 10 years later, my JW husband told me some of the same recycled smurf stories ~ and still believed them. By that point I pretty much started getting wise to viewing those stories as gossipy legends that had no basis in any real experience.

    Now I definitely know better. :) Imagine that.

    Anyone else collect those stickers when they were little?


  • Raton

    Good story. I wasn't a JW so smurfs weren't an issue. I watched the cartoons when I was young. I do watch my wife out of the corner of my eye though when I get the new smurf movies for the kids.

  • LisaRose

    My in laws told those stupid stories to my daughter, she got hysterical and we had to throw her doll away. I was a JW at the time, I said I would believe it when I read about it in the Watchtower. I can understand a child believing it, but two mature adults? And why didn't they talk to me iinstead of scaring my kid?

    I never read about it in the Watchtower of course, just another stupid JW legend. It's a toy, a children's toy, no association with anything that I ever heard of. I am sure some idiot was just speculating and making up stories and it started from there, it shows how gullible JWs are.

  • cofty

    Great story!

    I don't think the smurf meme ever made it over the pond. The first I heard about it was on this forum.

  • stuckinarut2

    Oh we were told that the "im outta here" smurf who walked out of the assembly hall happened in Australia!

    So we were told a lie? It didnt happen in our assembly hall?

    I'm shocked...

    (not really hahaha)

  • joe134cd

    Are you still married to him.

  • Pistoff

    One of my children said he heard the smurf story where the smurf doll comes to life in the childs hand, during the meeting, laughs maniacally and runs down the center aisle and out the door.

  • trebor

    My father brought home one of those small ~1-2" Smurf figurine/statues to me and my sister every week during the early 1980's. We probably had about 2-3 dozen when they caught wind of the Smurf/Satan stories being shared within the Kingdom Hall; Smurfs coming out of the TV and possessing children, Smurfs leading to worship of Satan, etc.

    The only thing I can recall being as 'legendary' was the angel protecting two women preaching when at the door of a serial killer/rapists who swore that's what he saw when asked why he didn't make them his next victims... *Insert rolling eyes*

    It's just a faint memory now, but can still see my father sweeping the collection off our bookshelf and into the garbage pail. Of course, watching the cartoon became forbidden as well.

    Swiftly, the garbage bag was removed from the pail, tied, and brought immediately to the incinerator chute (We lived on the 6th floor of an apartment building); sad at the time, but a part of the 'growing-up Jehovah's Witness' experience for me and my sister.

  • neverendingjourney

    I remember the smurf hysteria of the 80s as well. One of my favorites was that if you tried to burn a picture of a smurf, it wouldn't burn.

    I was a small child then, but I remember my "worldly" cousin mocking me about it. He burned one right in front of me to make a point.

    It's been so long ago and I was so litle that I don't remember much of anything else about that story, but I was easily suckered in by all the supposed demonism stories back then.

  • BobFlanagan007

    I remember the big burly angels protecting a sister from a serial killer myth (obviously they were to busy to protect the sisters in Malawi) I also seem to remember stories of suddenly invisible printing presses in Nazi Germany/Communist Russia/Cuba/China/Eastern Europe. The only popular culture thing I can remember definitely being told was demonic was the Disney movie Fantasia which I was also informed featured pro-evolution propaganda.

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