Fake letter to the BOE.

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  • karter

    I'm thinking of scaning a letter to the BOE and useing the letter head to make some fake letters and sending them to alot of congros.

    It would read something like this.

    "Dear brothers we are writing to inform you about all the child abuse casers the WTS is now in court about and the ones we have quietly settled outside the courts"

    Ill name them all and give them links to the courts.

    Anyother idears??


  • JeffT

    Learn to scan stuff with spell check before you send it.

    Also hire a lawyer, I think you will need one.

  • steve2

    Certainly an understandable short-term thing to want to do, I guess, but perhaps not effective in the longer term.

    Trouble is, once they discover the letter is a fake, they will easily wrongly conclude so is the information in the letter - tainted by association. You'll create short-term impact followed by long-term discrediting of the fact-based websites.

    Ask yourself, if you had to be tricked or lied to in order to "see" something was false, wouldn't you have an adverse reaction when you discover you've been lied to? I've yet to meet anyone who's left the organization because someone tricked them or lied to them. Have you?

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    They don't get letters by snail mail anymore. It's all handled through the elder portal on the JW.org site. Not a very well thought out plan.

  • BobFlanagan007

    All done by email? How exactly was the original poster to know that? Also, what's with the "hire a lawyer, I think you'll need one" business? How exactly would the BOE know who sent the letter(s)?

  • karter

    my thoughts exactuly how would they know who sent it and its my guess they would read anything that looked like a letter from the WTS .jeff ill get my bro who is a proffreader to go over any letters as im disleix.

  • RichardHaley

    The borg would use it to show the R&F how "mentally diseased" apostates are and it would further feed their persecution complex.

  • sir82

    Childish and ineffective. As noted above, it would be immediately spotted as a blindingly obvious fake and merely feed their persection complex.

  • M*A*S*H

    I admire the initiative! I tend to agree that your letters would quickly be spotted as fraudulent; they would be held up as an example of the lies and deception of apostates further feeding the persection complex.

    If you have created a resource of all the abuse cases with supporting docs\links perhaps you could make a video and put it on the tubes? I'm sure there are some with the skills in this forum to help you.

  • steve2

    Look, deception may pack an initial punch but it would not last long. The internet is full to overflowing with mischievously fake news items.

    Again I ask, Did anyone here on this forum have their eyes open through deceptive means?I have yet to hear one single person disclose that they first realized TTATT by being deceived through fake letter or correspondence.

    Sure, it packs an initial punch, followed by the kind of reaction anyone displays when they realize they have been intentionally deceived.

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