Theory on the real reason WT wants youth to put service ahead of caring for elderly family....

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  • EndofMysteries

    The generation of the 'creators promise' that wouldn't die until the new world is now becoming elderly, they are broke, hadn't saved for retirement, and need help.

    THere hasn't been real growth, the growth is mostly born ins and born ins children (population growth), those who didn't listen to the advice to not have kids.

    Suddenly, the overlapping 2nd generation started slacking on their field service to take care of their parents. The GB were insulted that the numbers were dropping and noticing that soon nobody would be going door to door because all who can would be taking care of their broke, elderly parents who couldn't afford retirement or proper care.

    The GB though know that they are higher than God and Jesus and they should not be expected to not have all the luxuries of life, first class flights, etc, so they issue new orders that the younger ones are NOT to put aside their peddling of their literature to care for the elderly parents. The eldery were too presumptuous and looked too deep into things. The GB NEVER hinted or said that they shouldn't prepare for retirement and they shouldn't be hindering the work now. As for those who are still relatively young, the GB never told the current old ones not to plan for retirement, it was there fault, but the generation alive now DEFINITELY won't reach old age, so they should not be planning for retirement. They must put service ahead of everything. Then in thirty years the cycle will repeat again when they get old and their children are grown up, etc.

  • Divergent

    Well, the scriptures make it very clear concerning the need to care for ones parents:

    1 Tim 5:8 - "CERTAINLY if anyone DOES NOT PROVIDE for those who are his own and especially for those who are MEMBERS OF HIS HOUSEHOLD, he has DISOWNED THE FAITH and is WORSE THAN A PERSON WITHOUT FAITH"

    Matt 15:5, 6- "But you say, 'Whoever says to his father or mother: Whatever I have that could benefit you is a gift dedicated to God," he need not honor his father at all.' So you have MADE THE WORD OF GOD INVALID..."

    And Jesus went on to say in verse 9:

    9-It is IN VAIN that they keep worshipping me...

  • Divergent

    Some may quote Matt 8 to excuse themselves from caring for their parents...

    Matt 8:21, 22 - Then another of the disciples said to him: "Lord, permit me first to go and bury my father." Jesus said to him: "Keep following me, and let the dead bury their dead."


    One explanation of this account is that the man was lying and giving excuses. If the man's father had indeed died at that time, he would have been with his family instead of being with Jesus! The man's father had likely died much earlier and was already buried! Jesus could well have been exposing the man's hypocrisy when he said "Let the dead bury their dead," indicating that he KNEW the man's father was already dead & buried!

    Now lets see what example Jesus set in the following account:

    Mark 1:30, 31 - Now Simon's mother-in-law was lying down sick with a fever, and they at once told him about her. Going to her, he took her by the hand and raised her up.

    Notice that Jesus here set a fine example on the importance of caring for family members. The person involved was not Peter's OWN mother, but his mother-in-law. Yet, her needs were cared for

    Likewise, IF modern day Christians DO NOT care for the needs of their aging parents or in-laws, then the scripture in 1 Tim 5:8 would apply fully to them

  • BucketShopBill

    We had a letter asking for sisters that had skills as nurses and medical professionals "should consider it a honor to come to work in New York and leave their high paying jobs $30+ bennies a hour to change diapers of all the Company men unable to take care of themselves. It's up to us to spread the word to these sisters, don't quit your day-night job to change Cult Leaders diapers! These liars deserve to sit in their excrement filled diapers, what have they done for any of the sisters that spent three years going against the Cult's direction to get their degree in Nursing and Care Giving? How can we pass the word along, the Grumpy Body know you all are on the verge of derailing their Gravy Train.

    We all have the power to put doubts in their minds, I talked two sisters out of leaving their jobs by telling them "its not your fault and showing them how much cash the Grumpy Body has stored away", do you have Billions of dollars for your Rainy Day Fund? The sisters are still working for Dignity Health making good pay, glad they did not leave their jobs to change diapers! Some times people ask us why everyone does not write their letters of D/A and leave, we are the under-ground movement trying to help people abandon the empty Cult devoid of spirituality. We are enduring the crappy RCs because it's part of our methods to get people out of spiritual shackles and mind control. As many of the brothers and sisters know, once your labled Apostate, there's no "free speech" until they start to have doubts, were double-agents, Paul said he became many things to save his brothers and sisters.

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