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  • poppers

    I'm wondering what sort of biking shoes and pedals you are using. I'm a road biker, so I enjoy speed and distance riding, and am upgrading my shoes and pedals. Anyone have experience with Specialized road shoes with the Boa stem? How about pedals - I'm getting Shimano 105 pedals. I'd enjoy any input you have - thanks.

  • Caedes

    I haven't tried the 105 pedals, I'm using shimano XT mtb pedals on my road bike. I was going to get proper road pedals but my local shop suggested using MTB ones instead. They are fantastic and you can walk in the shoes, well better than you can in proper road shoes with a road cleat. I have some specialized kit and it is good stuff, not tried those particular shoes though.

  • Spectre

    When I worked in a bike shop I would often recommend to customers Caedes setup.

    If you have a mountain bike and only want one pair of shoes to use on both, go with a good mountain bike shoe.

    As to the brand, whatever fits best is best. That applies to helmets, clothes and bikes as well.

    Edited to add: I usually prefer Sidi shoes myself but they can be hard to find.

  • Terry

    I ride my bike 7 days a week.

    I can't afford to repair my car for inspection so, I have no choice!

    I have a hybrid bike. I ride on the busy streets and when that is too dangerous (which is always) I ride on the sidewalk (which is equally dangerous.)

    I don't have special equipment, but I have been around people who are really into the gear. I don't understand a word they're saying.

    When I started bike riding a year and a half ago, I was going to go for the distance and speed thingy--but--it took all the pleasure out of riding.

    So, I opted for simply relaxing and enjoying myself with scenic meandering while the o.c.d. folks zip by me with red faces, special costumes and heart monitors.

    I'm not making fun--I just am not competitive, I guess.

    I do know both pedestrians and people in automobiles go out of their way to kill me--so, if I go any faster I'm sure to be dead by the end of the month.

    I wish you the best on your journey!

  • poppers

    When I bought my road bike in 2011 I just swapped out my pedals and shoes from my hybrid, which were mtn bike shoes and a rather large medal pedal. After several seasons with them I'm wanting lighter, stiffer shoes and pedals, hence the upgrade. This should increase my riding efficiency and comfort, and so I'll be putting on more miles. Fortunately for me, drivers are very courteous in the rural area of Wisconsin where I do most of my riding. By no means am I speed demon on my bike, but even a few grams off my current setup will help add some speed and miles to my riding. My longest one day ride has been 125 miles, and I am convinced I can shatter that given the right conditions. Terry, until 4 years ago I was very happy riding like you, but once I got on a road bike a whole new biking experience unfolded for me. And yes, it is very easy getting wrapped up in buying all sorts of clothing and accessories. Somewhere down the line I'm looking to get a helmut mounted digital camera so I can relive some of my rides.

  • GLTirebiter

    Watching with interest. My decades-old Look road pedals and shoes are due for replacement. They ride well, but the shoes are getting worn and the old size Look cleats are getting hard to find. I'm considering Shimano SPD to get recessed, walkable cleats. They are a little out of place on a road bike, but are a practical choice for someone of my age!

  • poppers

    I'm a little worried about my cleats, GLTireBiter, since they are SPD-SLs but I've ordered a pair of Shimano cleat covers so walking in them should be better and protect the cleats from wearing out too fast.

  • Spectre

    Road specific shoes are great for racing, but when you walk into a 7-11 its like walking on ice with most of them.

    There are a lot of mountain bike shoes that look like road shoes except they have some traction on the soles. The only problem there is that with most of them you need a SPD pedal.

    If you've already got your 105 pedals though, no worries, you pretty much can't go wrong with Shimano.

  • BetterGuyNow

    Ressurrecting a post here, but please forgive, I only signed up this week.

    I've used the Shimano SPD series for a few years. I original used the style that has the clip on one side and the flat pedal on the other so you could ride with regular shoes if need be. I swapped to the clip all the way around, which looks like old school egg beaters.

    They're on a hybrid Specialized Allez Elite with a 105 set. I love them because the shoes are usable when getting that much needed pint after a ride. I've put about 3000 miles on the cleats and they still work great.

    Will be putting them to the test here in the PNW soon. Ride season starts and I'll be doing the Chilly Hilly in February. Come July, I'll be doing the STP (Seattle to Portland) double century for my 4th time.

  • Spectre

    Welcome, BGN!

    Good luck with the upcoming rides. I worked at a repair station on the STP a few years ago and while working at a store up there, did a lot of tune-ups for both those rides.

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