The Sept 15 WT " Are You Convinced That You Have The Truth? Why?

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    yadda yadda 2

    Doesn't the article mention anything about their basic core doctrines on the trinity, soul, hell, etc, as being the main reason why they have 'da troof'? In other words, their claimed lack of all 'Babylonish, pagan-derived' doctrines? In all my 40 or so years as an active borg those were the things I usually mentally fell back on that made me think they were right.

    I always new the Christadelphians also rejected the trinity, immortal soul, hellfire, but then I distinguished my religion as being superior to the Christadelphians because the latter were tiny in comparison and far less international than the JW.s We would expect Jehovah to have a large, international 'congregation' of people preaching worldwide, I reasoned to myself.

    Fallacious reasoning I know, but that's the bottom line of how many JW's think.

  • EndofMysteries

    Very interesting comment Ocean111. If the JW's were following the model of early years, they would have probably put back in the physical Israel into having substantial impacts in bible prophecy. They would be focusing on middle east tensions and making links to bible prophecies, etc.

    For myself, at the moment, that is one of the only things that has me very intrigued and interested with bible prophecy and this point in time. Because the prophecies on physical Israel have still continued to come true.

  • stuckinarut2

    If the volume of literature is the main claim to having the truth, then it could be argued that millions of people caught the Spanish flu....but that didnt make it a good thing to catch!

  • truthlover123

    Not anymore

    I was brainwashed to the point I thought others in the world were wrong when they told me that, thought that anyone who committed a crime was to report it to the police because of their bad conscience and this would help clean it up, no matter what came of the police report - now I find out that so much child abuse and cover up was taking place, it makes me sick to think I was in paradise on earth when all I was was in another belief system, married into it, and screwed my kid up so much he is an emotional wreck.

    But hey .. still in cause I have no where to turn now. Waited too will be what it will be.. a slow fade to black..

    EOM makes a good point about middle east tensions and the nation of Israel in prophecy- I have long thought about that one and Jehovah did say he would never leave Israel. Well... I personally believe there is a big something to that situation and am watching it closely... especially if russia, china and iran gets involved.

    No true religion puts their management ahead of Christ..truly despicable and blatantly haughty!


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