Elders Can't Simply Go Back to Being Ministerial Servants...

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  • TTATTelder

    I agree with many of the comments above.

    I think it is definitely designed to entrap elders by not allowing them to slip down a rung. They are essentially punished for walking away and branded as weak, without-proper-zeal, etc. It is an all or nothing proposition. How can they defend this as "Christian"?

    The announcement is the same as well. If a brother is removed for screwing a prostitute or simply steps aside because of stress, the anouncement is "Brother SO and SO is no longer serving as an elder" which, by the way, always sounds like a bad thing when read from the platform.

    Check this out from the "Secret" Elder Book:

    A brother resigns for personal reasons.

    Two elders should first discuss the matter with him.
    Why does he wish to resign? Is he Scripturally
    disqualified? If his personal circumstances hin­-
    der him from doing what he would like, can the
    elders be of any assistance and encouragement?
    Until his circumstances change, perhaps they
    can lighten his load for a period of time while
    he continues to serve. If, after this discussion,
    he still feels he wants to resign, then the Con-­
    gregation Service Committee should write the
    branch office and give sufficient information so
    that the reasons for resignation are clear. Full de-­
    tails should be provided as to why he chose to
    relinquish his privilege of service.

    (italics mine)

    They see this man as dangerous. It's like a "you are either for us or against us" kind of thing.

    Anyway, I think the topic is an interesting one. It is one of those things right under the noses of the JW's and never gets acknowledged.

    It is a less-controversial subject that could potentially be brought up in an effort to get someone thinking.


  • Focus

    sir82, is it still the case that you are a serving Elder and the reason you persist with evil-doing is that your wife is still enmeshed?

    If so, are you aware that deprogramming services are apparently available?

    They are less expensive than many imagine.

    While I have no personal involvement in them, I know a bit about how they work.

    Someone I know allegedly had his wife cult-deprogrammed by XYZ.

    I've no idea where you live, but I assume it is not in Asia.

    You get the spouse (or child or parent - weaker links are not accepted) it has to be someone to that specified destination country there - precisely how is up to you. I would imagine deception being needed.

    Once within that country, you have to make, under oath to a government official, a declaration of incompetence relating to the loved one. All this is arranged for you.

    Then you step away, and collect the loved one from XYZ in between 4 and 8 weeks.

    To avoid issues, it's all same-gender deprogrammers.

    No result, half the fees refunded, I believe - but the organizers claim a 100% success rate. They apparently claim the normal reaction is also one of extreme gratefulness to the

    It is up to you to make sure you don't fall foul of kidnap laws in your country of origin - only relevant if the deprogramming fails. There are other, obvious risks.

    It is warranted by XYZ that neither you nor they will have broken any laws in the country where the deprogramming is performed.



    ("Cultbuster" Class)

    "if he no longer wants to serve as an elder?"

    That's the key. If an elder no longer "wants to", evidently he is spiritually weak, and thus unqualified for anything except donating money and cutting the grass. In la-la-land Watchtower-world, it is inconceivable that a male would not "want to" be an elder, or accept any "privilege" that is forcibly rammed down his throat.

  • Bye bye birdie
    Bye bye birdie

    I always thought it would be nice to have a term eldership. Just like the president. So three years on....three years off. That way no one forgets what it is like to be a small person.

    i know this idea is full of holes but eh...... Just throwing it out there


    I agree that it is ALL about control/shame. The humiliation of being removed or stepping down from elderdom to a total peon ( like me ) must be demoralizing. The effect would be terrible for a weak minded person. The guilt would make them re-double their efforts to gain Jeehoober's friendship. " OH mighty Jeehoober, please do not cast me aside!! I am but a sinner in need of spiritual healing from the Dukes/Stars of Revelation!!"

    I would much rather be a nobody. I've scrubbed my last toilet, ran my last microphone, given my last talk, kissed my last ass, prayed my last prayer to cloud rider YHWH, cried my last guilt ridden/self-loathing cry.

    YAY, ME!!!!!!


  • RichardHaley

    Many I have known over the years have stepped aside for various legit reasons and have been re-appointed straight back as an Elder in 1 to 3 years (no wrongdoing). The rule of thumb I always heard was within a year but what is said and what is done are sometimes different. Of course the original issue would have been needed to be addressed, sickness, work issues etc. and would be asked of you. If you took a break longer than 1 year you could or would be used as a MS first before becoming an Elder again. I don't think there is a hidden agenda to humiliate one.

    The announcement to the cong. does not give away any reason for your removal and my experience was there was much speculation in the hall as to why I was no longer serving. One of my children was targeted as disqualifying me by several families and was being partially shunned by some but the wife and I straightened that out, without any help from the BOE I might ad.

    I don't comment, quit the school, no FS report and barely make meetings any longer so no "privileges" are asked of me but when the trash cans out back are full I still get a call. lol guess some "privileges" you just can't get rid of!

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