Focus sends his LOVE to the GOVERNING BODY, senior OVERSEERS, etc.

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  • snare&racket

    is adam playing a guitar?

    "....scuze me while I kiss the sky..."

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Cancer of the rectum? Well that makes a lot of sense. After years of pulling toxic, man-made teachings out of his behind . . .

  • LV101

    There's info somewhere about Rutherford having been a court clerk before doing an apprenticeship for lawyer or passing a test - probably stole the test forms at the courthouse if he was tested at all.

  • Focus

    Thanks all - you've clearly received the right message and that is Rutherford pulled all his previous messages out of the same diseased organ that caused his all-too-late demise.

    I trust you'll be happy to note that just like my Scammer's Guide to Chas T. Russell thread:

    I'll soon have a parallel one running on Rutherford - including some New Light.



    ("Dealing with Spiritual Pedophiles" Class)

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