Large scale War in the Middle East

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  • smiddy

    Doesnt China have the largest military personell in the world ?

    just asking.


  • designs

    Former Admiral Harward and former CIA Director McLaughlin were on Charlie Rose tonight talking about the "existential" ramifications of ISIS in Iraq.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Churchill did not say that about China, he said it about Russia, and to be more precise: "It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma"

  • sooner7nc

    “War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner.” Judge Holden

    Yes designs, men are violent and I think they always will be "this way and not some other way" as Judge Holden would say.

  • smiddy

    Man was made in GOD`s image . Doesnt his own written word testify that he is by far the biggest warmonger in human history ?

    So why should we be surprised if humans follow his example .


  • villagegirl

    Smiddy - China has the largest standing army in the world next to the USA.

    China has become a wealthy nation. However they do not have pensions for

    the elderly, or a minimum wage law, or tuition free high school, or free libraries,

    or workers compensation, disability, or welfare ,or universal health care.

    Even elementary level schools charged tuition. The educational level is low.

    China is run by an elite group of self appointed absolute dictators,

    much like the Watchtower Society's, Governing Body, they are unelected

    and have control over the lives of all Chinese citizens and

    if you disagree with them they take you out and put a bullet through your head.

    Chine executes by firing squad, about 5,000 to 6,000 of its own citizens every year.

    In China there is no freedom of speech, no freedom of the press, and no-one gets

    to vote for their own leaders. The Communist Party leaders are all billionaires and

    the source of their money is the workers who slave in factories for $5 a day and

    they live in the factories, sleep there and eat there. Sounds too bizzare to be true,

    but it is all true and the people in this country mostly have no clue.

  • Ocean1111

    It is inevitable because it is formulaic. World war precedes world government like the Cold War (1990), WW2 (1945), and WW1 (1919) basic patterns resulted in a UN related manifestation all three times. World war "problem" basically is what births the world government "solution".

    Post 911 "global war" "on terror" is already a declared global war. Global NATO has about doubled in proportion since 911. So OBVIOUSLY one does not invade every continent on earth for no reason. The 13 years since 911, and the "terror" pretext, is just a global positioning for WW4, including the Cold War in the count.

    World war and financial tribulation is engineered to accelerate the power consolidation and get the nations in the proper mind set by the big "problem" to accept the world government "solution". Not just accept it, much of the world will REQUEST world government once WW4 has run it's course. It is NOT "the end of the world" or nuclear holocaust, though a few nukes might pop off to aid the global psychology for world government by immense psychological terror for some, it is designed to resolve into world government, UN world peace, and a final phase of the greatest recovery potential of all human history. (This is why the Bible shows the tribulation ends; Matt24:29. It ends into world government)

    That the pattern already ran three times so far in 1914-1919, 1939-1945, 1945-1990. That means a fourth cycle is intuitive, predictable, formulaic, obligatory, to bring in the real world government. Russia and China and everyone else will eventually capitulate to world government, because the US and EU national sovereign equalization in US engineered national downfall (Dan11:42-43) will flatten the playing field for all the "united nations" to participate in the world government system.

    What is ending is nation-state sovereign relevance for a world government of wealth and finance that is already ruling, phasing out the US Dollar for a final global finance system over the next decade to be accelerated when the western national sovereignties hit the debt fan. So though not announced the super-corporate "world government" of NATO and international monetary and finance is already operative, but needs the final phase to present it's fully public world government form.

    Thus they are not spending 100 trillion over the last 20 years positioning around Iran, Russia and China for nothing, world war is coming. In my opinion it will be quick because it is in everyone's interest to only use limited nuclear and directed energy potentially one way exchange, from Global NATO and Space NATO into Russia and China to bring them in ASAP.

    Global NATO is not dependent on the US national funding engine, and it is already twice as big as Russia and China combined, and with certain new war technologies maybe effectively 100 times more powerful when the new "big stick" comes out at the end of the WW4 cycle. That is my opinion because of the reality of NATO in space and the reality of superwave warfare possibilities exponentiating. Nukes are actually old hat and a distraction to what is coming for Beijing and Moscow, potentially. IMO Russian and Chinese elites already know world government is coming but for martial purposes, like in the US and EU, a "world war" production aids internal control of their nations. Meaning WW4 will be as orchestrated as the other 3.

    World war to world government is the inevitable formula in any event. That is guaranteed from all quarters including prophecy. It'll take 7-14 years from the first severe global downturns of say some sort of economic, false-flag, world war, or similar intrigue alone or in tangent. (maybe even a real and huge natural or "natural" disaster) We will know when it is triggered pretty soon here, because the whole US and EU finance system is in a "virtual reality" holding pattern that cannot be sustained forever. I feel by 2015 something will start to catalyze, just a guess.

    (If we notice ISIS in Iraq already has a new "OBL 2.0" "bogey man" very conveniently appearing)

    But as a side note, it is into this period that Bethel is deconstructed, and why Bethel is selling a way too premature "end of the world" scenario to backward JWs. In reality a final world government multi-year cycle is what is in store, and many global authorities in these sciences understand that approximate projection, we are talking a minimum decade. It is Bethel that conveniently ignores the globalization process as what completes world government, and it is Bethel that ignores reality so JWs ignore reality of the final phase certainty. This is why Bethel sells a "the end" scenario as if the UN has global authority now to "attack Babylon the Great", which is of course absurd for a number of reasons.

    1. Global religious confusions AIDS the final cycle, no way is a chief ally for world government going to be deposed when they are most useful.

    2. Global religious asset stores are useful AT THE END, at the final stage of the cycle for world recovery aid.

    3. Deposing war fomenting institutions of religious confusion AT THE END of the final cycle, as world government is manifesting, AIDS the believability of world "peace and security".

    It is Bethel that is going down first, because their usefulness is now complete, they duped and derailed JWs to not explain the 1990 3rd UN placement properly, but instead joined it as UN NGO. Bethel is now done misleading JWs, and concealing the final UN fourth cycle certainty from JWs and their global audience for the "the end" over simplification trip.

    We are in a calm before the storm, but many experts and others in the world system know what is coming. It's not the "end of the world" it is the last phase of completing world government, it is the end of the nation-state era essentially. It takes a number of years to reach real world government.

  • fulltimestudent


    Doesnt China have the largest military personell in the world ?

    just asking.

    If you attempt a web search, you will likely find different figures. But, in any case, I suggest the question format too simplistic. Why? Let's attempt a shallow analysis of the NK military to see why.

    Modern warfare is not dependent on sheer numbers charging across the landscape. (never has been- there are plenty of ancient examples of a smaller army defeating a larger army). But, other factors are now more important than ever. What's important now is the firepower that each highly trained soldier can use. Plus the mechanical aids (tanks, mobile artillery, rockets, airplanes) that an army will have available. NK is supposed to have about 1 million men in its army. And, I would believe that they have some good ground weaponary. But they have no airforce to speak of. South Korea, may have an army of 1,200,000, but I would imagine that their soldiers would have firepower almost equal to that of the USA military, whose ability to 'shock and awe' is probably the highest in the world.

    So, I suggest, the one million man army of NK, is not likely to last long in conventional warfare, but when we factor in air support, we can start to understand that NK is like a toadfish. Facing a likely enemy, it puffs itself up to double size. Bluff aside, if NK was foolish enough (and, I do not believe they are that stupid) to make a surprise invasion of SK, a literal hell of rocketry and bombs would likely wipe their cities off the face of the earth. SK would be hurt, and Seoul would be deeply damaged, but SK would survive. NK is not likely to survive.

    A better gauge is military spending:

    This chart provides some idea of where the big money is being spent.

    So yes, China is spending a lot of money, but some analysts believe that 10-15 years ago, the Chinese army may have been in a similar position to NK. I believe that any reasonably intelligent military analyst in China, observing the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, would have been reporting back to the Chinese government and telling them, change the way the military oeprates.

  • fulltimestudent

    This website calling itself Global Firepower (and at a cursory glance, giving little other information about itself) makes an attempt to factor in the other items that make military analysis so tricky today.

    Please read the initial page first, to see where they are going:

    I suggest that you next read the sites page for the USA, as its the USA and its massive military spend that sets the standard for the world. (Recall, how the old USSR came to the point of collapse in its attempt to keep up with USA.

    And next, (in answer to your question) look at their China page:

    Finally check out the Russia page**:

    ** I suggest this check, because it provides another window on the Chinese experience. Further, American intransigence toward China may drive them to a deeper involvement with Russia.

  • fulltimestudent

    My opinion is that China does not want any sort of war. The government has achieved great success in modernising what was a backward and chaotic country. Over 50% of the population now live in cities, and the people living in the worst of the traditional villages are being helped to re-locate to towns (rather than cities) in a program with the awkward English name of "townisation." Pew Consulting (an American polling group operating in China) suggests something like 85% support for the Central government. (But not for city governments).

    However, China has a long land border which includes many countries with varying degrees of stability. Prudence would dictate that their military should be strong enough to handle any contingency.

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