How long before the Wt fully embraces the internet.

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  • joe134cd

    The way things are going I believe that Wt will start encouraging its members to start setting up web sites. I can certainly see them loosening their stand on it. The example I will give is the video showing the dancing in the KH, and JW defender which I believe is Wt in hiding. they must realise that the internet is killing them, and the quicker they react the better they will be.

  • Ignoranceisbliss

    I don't see them letting people set up there own websites. That would go against there control freak ways. I think they are going to double down on demonizing anything apostate.

  • joe134cd

    I disagree. if they don't do it by choice, then soon the situation will get to the point when they will be forced to do it.i can't see it any other way.

  • DesirousOfChange

    It would be a wise move for them.

    At the present time if you Google JWs, you get JW.ORG (and maybe a couple other loony JWs) and 10,000 negative websites. Anyone who sincerely Googles JWs gets more than they bargained for. Unfortunately, many of the negative sites are pretty loony as well.


  • Vidiot

    joe134cd - "How long before the WT fully embraces the internet?"

    Since "fully embracing the internet" would involve open forum discussion on their website, dialogue with former members, and policy transparency...


  • jgnat

    What Vidiot said. Web 3.0 is interactive, and the WTS is all about information control.

  • ShirleyW

    You ask how long before they fully embrace the internet?

    I think ever since they started stamping on everything would be the first clue that they do embrace everything on the net, except this site and similar ones like it.

  • Vidiot

    jgnat - "Web 3.0 is interactive, and the WTS is all about information control."


    Jeezus, even the LDS is showing strong signs of mainstreaming (i.e. doing the thngs I listed), but the WT? Sorry; I just can't see it.

    They wouldn't be Jehovah's Witnesses anymore.

  • Magnum

    I agree with Vidiot & jgnat about the interaction, open discussion, etc. There's no way the org could ever allow for interaction and discussion. They have too many skeletons in their closets, too many failed doctrines and prophecies, too many doctrines they can't defend, etc. Info flow in JWland will always be one way. The "converstation" will always be one-sided.

    Heck in the recent past, they even said in one of the publications (Watchtower? Kingdom Ministry?) to quit writing them and asking questions. Think about JW meetings. They are structured to allow for zero real interaction. Consider the Bible Highlights. Only a few minutes long and each comment is limited to a minute and it's only supposed to something positive - like some point that one could use to help him in the ministry. No one is allowed to ask honest questions, criticize, etc. during meetings.

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    They have had local need talks recently in some congregations and from CO's on warning witnesses from joining jw dating sites or setting up their own sites.

    The Society takes its ques from Machiavelli and Goebbels. I doubt they will give the green light for their followers to setup any sites that competes with the

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