Did You Ever Have A "Crush" On Anyone Here?

by minimus 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Focus, first of all, let me start out by saying--- you have no class. You and your class thing has got to go. And no one ever has compared me to Charles Taze Russell. You are a weirdo.

  • Focus

    Listen, my friend, please don't misunderstand.

    I wasn't dissing an old-timer you. Like I don't diss CTR.

    Quite on the contrary, I acknowledge that it must take real talent to write well over 30,000 content-free posts.

    Dedication too, overriding all else in life...

    And such a monitoring vigilance for responses - how quickly you posted to put me in my rightful place. Bravo!

    "Emptiness" has two relevancies in this matter.

    Feel free to tell me to go forth and procreate; however, coming from you, and with your avatar in mind, all I'd be picturing would be:

    and then, too much "crush" applied and poof, no more round red bug.

    Fine spiritual food for thought, but dietwise a bit minimalist for me.



    ("" Class)

  • minimus

    Focus, go procreate yourself and wander away. You always have been a dink and imprisonment hasn't changed anything. You are seriously so 20 th century, it is embarrassing. Sadly, you can't figure it out, with your Class bs. Total bore you are.

  • millie210

    minimus, you have found me out!

    And here I thought my crush on you was a BIG secret.....

  • villagegirl

    I have to beat these guys off with a stick, especially the

    elders and the atheists.

  • minimus

    Mille, u 2??

  • AudeSapere


  • Hortensia

    No. Altho some of y'all have very enticing avatars.

  • minimus

    Enticing...I never realized how correct you are.

  • Phizzy

    I fell in love with the beautiful mind of Leolaia, does that count ?

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