It's raining GB

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  • sparrowdown

    What would a GB calender look like?

    Of course they may need to photoshop their faces on some fireman bodies, and

    there isn't enough of them for every month of the year, but would they go the "full monty"

    with strategically placed logo.

    I see a missed photo op here.

    They are so drunk with power and high on their own egos

    is anything out of the realms of possibility anymore?

  • Fernando

    Again, would someone stoop low enough, for a few minutes, to write them this great idea, pleading in their best sycophant language, that the sheeple would be delighted to daily look upon the mugs and bods of their favourite council of Popes?

  • Vidiot

    sparrowdown - "What would a GB calender look like?"

    Disturbing on every conceivable level?

  • sparrowdown

    The disturbing thing is, I reckon most of them would be up for it.

  • Focus

    Well, such a photograph might prove controversial, as their "spiritual pen!ses" would all be erect (unlike the non-spiritual ones, which hopefully have fallen off long ago).

    Why would they be erect? They, with their bloodguilty accessories in the "Elder" Class, have been busy "spiritually raping" and "spiritually buggering" the poor faithful clueless dubs for decades. (Their terminology and hyperbole being used against them - they called literature critical of them "pornography" and reading the work of apostates to be "spiritual fornication" as well as eating at the table of demons.

    Simply stoning this filthy Class to death, were it permitted by the secular laws under which we live, would be such a waste. A few years of hourly waterboarding by machine would be more like it - before stoning them, that is.



    ("I'll give them 'Agape'" Class)

  • sparrowdown

    Yep, they're "spiritual A-holes" alright.

  • Ocean1111

    It is no holds barred. The GB lifts themselves over everyone on planet earth and even above Jesus Christ in literal and blatant fashion. They even picture themselves at a north pole conference table "at the top of the world" in their organizational hierarchy in a recent publication, so they are even "king north" of Jehovah's witnesses.

    Acts 15 is not about a one time council convened to resolve the first century Christian circumcision issue, it is now a Biblical text about the Governing Body for them to superimpose their mythology upon "scriptural precedent" like the Sanhedrin or Papacy, the actual apostate patterns of the Governing Body. They even claim "Apostolic succession" as well.

    Thus every element of "apostasy" in the Bible, that always applies to the leadership "in the temple" is found in the modern Bethel hierarchy and the Governing Body "unholy covenant" among themselves for their own dictatorship. They are the self proclaimed "lords of the faith". Now nothing is beyond these rogues, and nothing is too out of bounds for Jehovah's witnesses who accept and condone these tyrannies. It was a gradual development that JWs have slowly accepted since 1976 and the GB coup, as it steadily progressed to a total apostasy sold to JWs as modern day "Moses" and the "12 apostles" of Bethel.

    Hiding the abomination in plain sight seems the most effective way to dupe JWs. Most JWs think it is simply business as usual, but in reality that lawless committee is what took blasphemy to a new level after they went dictatorial in 1976. 1976 marks the beginning of the statistical decline of the JW productive growth. The GB is the epicenter of the JW spiritual downfall. This is what happens when one fixes something that was not broken, but is now spiritually defunct by GB leadership.

    They took control of the organization when it peaked in 1970-1975 in statistical terms, the GB has nothing to do with the foundational JW development that preceded them and provided their racketeering with their JW gravy train, complete with Pharaoh like slave labor and billions in assets for the final pillage. The GB seized the controls after the org was fully functioning and peaking. The GB coup of 1976 must complete it's coup-de-grace of the future, that is why they were placed in such a position of domination. Now everyone except Jehovah's witnesses, actually GB witnesses, sees the "writing on the wall", because JWs have come to love the Bethel golden calf and it's fraud Jezebethel priests.

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