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  • Clambake


    I am at the assembly and the last speaker of the day is doing some boring and cliché talk about trusting in Jehovah and not being anxious and stuff. Then he starts into this story about this 11 year old boy named Nigel who has cancer and is going to have a court ordered blood transfusion.

    I am getting up to leave because I am thinking he is going to start into some story about he managed to get out of it and died for Jehovah or something like that.

    The speaker never finishes the story about what finally happened.

    Now I am thinking

    1. He just made it up because he lies like all Elders do.

    2. That the child died ( but the watchtower never misses an opportunity to glorify a martyr. )

    3. That the child received the blood transfusion and it saved his life. Of course you can’t tell anyone that.

      But lets just say it was number three. What is the lesson we are suppose we from that ??

      That it is better to live in a country where the watchtower is over ruled by the government.

      Anyone ever hear anything about this story ?

      It just seems odd. Just one of those moments you can really see the devil making fun of the rank and file.

    BTW- 5000 in attendance

    43 Baptized

  • eyeuse2badub

    Most of the 'tear jerker' or 'pulling on the heart strings' stories at conventions are concoctions or embellishments. Of course the real names are never used so that the story can never be substanciated.

    FYI I attendedthe Long Beach, CA (USA) RC this past weekend. 9,000 attended--------40 dipped.Mostly 'kids'.

    just saying!


  • Clambake

    Its sure is funny

    I have googled everything. 11 year old Jehovah witness Nigel blood transfusion etc etc.

    I can’t find a dam thing about this story or how it ended.

    I wonder what would happen if I asked the elders.

  • kneehighmiah

    Great baptism numbers. Discounting deaths and disfellowshippings, that makes for a less than 1% growth.

  • Clambake


    Doing some research I have found a story about an Australian 10 year old boy who was given a forced blood transfusion.

    It funny, you will hear about the ones given blood and still died of cancer but you never hear about the ones given a forced transfusion and it saved there life .

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    "Then he starts into this story about this 11 year old boy named Nigel Andre who has cancer and is going to have a court ordered blood transfusion."

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