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  • gingerbread

    As the Convention season is upon many of us, I recall my first assembly that we attended during the very beginning of our questioning if this religion that we were raised in was 'right'. By really listening to the talks and observing the behavior of the other attendees, we came away that weekend with real focus on uncovering the realities of being one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    I had, for many years, issues with some basic organizational practices and customs : turning in a time slip, counting hours, re-hashing material over and over, dress and grooming rules, congregational politics/favoritism/discrimination, the 'judicial committee', etc.

    At the same time we were researching the history of the Watchtower and it's core beliefs : what were the origins of the belief in a paradise earth, the Faithful and Discreet slave, and (most importantly) the Watchtower's chronology/dating that leads to the 1914 conclusion.

    To all who are in the beginning of this process, I recommend you keep it simple. Take one topic or issue at a time and prove to yourself that the Watchtower's stance is biblical. Use the Bible. It can be painful and distressing. That why we suggest you take is one topic at a time.

    Does anyone else have some practical suggestions?


  • NewYork44M

    What you describe is kind of like how to enter a cold swimming pool. Some take their time, starting with dipping their toe into the water. Others, do one big bellyflop.

    It took me 10 years, and I left the borg screaming and kicking. I know others who had an almost overnight transition.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Just allow yourself to question.

    That in itself is a first step. Then gradually follow thru and allow yourself to question EVERYTHING.

  • Phizzy

    If you are researching, seeking answers to your questions, then is an invaluable source of well writtten and well researched material.

  • tornapart

    I just found reading CoC was enough. In just 3 days I was totally mentally out.

  • Strangelove

    Yeah, there was a time in my period of growing up in this institution that I started to actually pay attention to the talks. My family thought I was becoming more spiritual for actually studying more then they did. It backfired for them later, because it was actually paying attention that helped me see all the problems.

    In service, I recall someone discouraging me from debating at a door. That, "If they aren't interested, we move on, we have the Truth and they've shown they don't want it, so lets not waste are time." It made sense at the time, but I was also struggling between Evolution and Intelligent Design at the moment. I thought that, if we really did have the Truth, then why would a debate matter? We'd be able to convince them, right? I realize now there are reasons debates are not encouraged. Because the foundation the Troof stands upon is as empty and souless as the men running it are.

    I like the OP's point. Take one issue at a time. I seem to recall I myself disagreeing with certain teaching of 1914. Seemed far fetched for anyone to get to that number. (When I hear of someone using math in connection with Bible Years, I run far away. The Simpsons had an interesting episode on that. In fact, The Simpsons helped me be a critical thinker at an early age. Thank you Matt Groening for all the questions and jabs at Chrisendom and other religons. Satire helped me see how silly it can be)

    But I digress, I'm getting off topic. Bottom Line; It started with why Dinosaurs were killed off, How boring and repetetive everything was and then progressed. To why Evolution is wrong and not compatible with Bible Teaching. To the Propheices like 1914 being convoluted. To why Women are treated like second class citizens. Shunning not being loving. Wordly being a derogatory label. Giving and accepting blood was supposedly wrong. How after I read the Bible front to back, I realized the Revelation accounts could be bended any which way to fit their doctrine. That some verses were taken litteraly and others as metaphor. I had to believe the men in charge had the right interpretation. And I eventually concluded that I didn't think they had a direct channel to God.

    I just studied each very slowly while growing up. Till It all just clicked one day, and I ran! Didn't care what my family thought, I wasn't spending another second in the mind altering cult.

  • stuckinarut2

    I have the battle with my mind...I feel like my mind is a "washing machine" of many points and issues and topics re "the truth"!

    So it is very very hard to keep a measure of restraint and clear focus.

    I know it's not "the truth", but I have to keep it logical in my mind...kind of like forming clear 'bullet points' of facts, otherwise I get overwhelmed with all the different issues!

  • gingerbread

    I also did online research of the International Bible Students - looking for their reasons why they decided not to support the 2nd WT president J.F. Rutherford. Pretty enlightening.

    Another great online resource is

  • Phizzy

    I have looked back with interest at my journey out of and away from the JW/WT religion. Like "stuck" above, at first I was almost overwhelmed by the number of issues. Then I began to notice that everything I researched came to the same conclusion, no matter what the subject, ultimately, the WT were WRONG. As a born in this astounded me, and somewhat crushed me.

    I began to take as my default position, "If the WT says it, it is false". Rarely did I find that default let me down.

    Looking back too I realise that I wasted a huge amount of time because I was looking at things through the wrong end of a Telescope.

    Comparing doctrines, and comparing religions is like comparing the respective merits of Eastern Astrology over Western Astrology, a waste of time as the basic premise is wrong.

    To keep things really simple, start at first base, i.e "Is there a Supreme Being?". If not, all else to do with the W.T or any religion is simply not of interest.

    If you can honestly* satisfy yourself that there is a Supreme Being, then the next question is "Could this possibly be Bible god ?".

    * By "honestly" I mean are you really going to examine your beliefs and feelings in the cold light of Facts and Reason ?

    Starting at the right end can resolve so much, so quickly, and leave you free to enjoy life and further learning of things that are really Truth.

  • bigmac

    "Is there a Supreme Being?". If not, all else to do with the W.T or any religion is simply not of interest

    yep sinple as that. its what did it for me. once it hit me i simply did not believe in a god---the watchtower lifestyle became a total nonsense.

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