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    About a week ago, I had my "encouraging visit!" It was real last minute, and I said , "Yes! Right now!" They were not expecting that, and they missed their dinner.

    So I recorded the whole thing. I kinda feel mean because these people were actually sincere. The great thing was that my wife threw me under the bus. Talk about being betrayed by your intimate companion?!?! SHEESH!! Well, I'm not mad. I knew she would roll on me. I stood my ground though.

    I "confessed" to having doubts. I was very honest and straightforward about all the changes in our doctrine. I just said that I have trouble teaching what I know is not true. I refused to recant about the WT containing human ideas which are subject to change. The Eldub in charge said, " blah blah blah, refreshment, nu-light, rushing ahead...BAD!! Watchtower...GOOD!!! Preach what magazines say!" " EVEN IF IT'S WRONG???", I say. PAUSE.........................."YES!!"

    There is no helping these people. The END is close!! The paradise is close! They said that Christians have always been over- eager in the past! Change is progressive! Just look at the ORG!! It's working miracles as we speak!!

    Sadly, I did not have enough time to speak of the "miracle" of pedophile cover-ups or real estate ventures. Oh, well. Maybe next time! Sorry that I cannot share the recording. I would not make things up. I was actually told to preach whatever is current, even if it's wrong. It was great to hear!! Bat-shit crazy bastards.



    Oh yeah, one more thing. The secret to happiness according to the Eldubs is this: UNITY. Yep!! Just accept whatever is current! Go with it! Repeat it! Preach it! Just repeat what the Slave provides, even if your personal BIBLE STUDY reveals something to you that is correct! Keep that to yourself and you will find refreshment in the spiritual paradise!!!


  • TG-Jasper


    They are so full of shit!

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    Can you post the audio portion where the dude says to preach what the magazines say even if it's wrong?

  • AlphaMan

    Just look at the ORG!! It's working miracles as we speak!!


    The Organization is their idol. That is what JW's worship.


    I could post it, if Raypublisher could alter the audio. I can't have any blowback right now.


  • Magnum

    AlphaMan, I don't know how serious you are in saying that, but I've been saying that for a long time - that JWs worship the org and that it is an idol to them.

  • Crazyguy

    They commit Idolatry, its more about the ORg and the FDS then Jehovah and Jesus is not even a close 4th.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    Isn't there some US law about businesses (which is what the WBTS is) exploting customers?

  • HeyThere

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