WT Study, Sunday 6th July 2014.

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  • blondie
  • Jeannette

    Thanks, Blondie.

  • skin

    The black and white version of this image looks more pornographic than the colour online one.

  • designs

    This goes way back to Knorr's sexual obsessions. The 'New Boy' talk at Bethel. Knorr's ranting at audiences at Conventions about masturbation. Geez what a nut and the new crop of GBers seem to be keeping the tradition going.

  • TG-Jasper

    I remember my mother studying one of the youth books with me. (It was one of the older ones that had a chapter about masturbation.)

    The problem was she didn't seem to be able to explain what masturbation was to tell me not to do it! *smirks*

  • prologos

    skin, I would not read freudian* meaning into "masbate" as wt writer's choice for partially fictional stories.

    This is an issue of the study wt with high philippine content. foreign workers, pictures, quotations.

    Ma in that language appears to be a most common prefix, and besides if you know the letter "a" you know have the language. Some of their words have 7 "a"s. whereas the M word of deaf language fame has only 2.

    * from Freude = the Joy of whatever pleases you.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    And just what lesson can we learn from the brother (par 9) who got caught with a history of visiting questionable sites on his cell phone?


    Most Elders and Ministerial Servants who are tech savvy already know to either clear their history so their wives can't see their viewing habits; or an Elder or MS who is in the habit, himself, of viewing questionable internet sites knows simply to use the 'incognito mode' of his cell phone or other device when he doesn't want anyone to know when he is being naughty!

    Fact: There are 110,000+ congregations worldwide.

    Fact: Each congregation has on average a servant body (Elders and MSs combined) of about 12 to 14 'spiritual men'.

    Fact: 'Mother' expects the servant body of each congregation to keep in tough using the internet via any number of electronic divices.

    I'll bet that of these 1.5 million JW Elders and Ministerial Servants a high percentage of them visit questionable sites 'incognito' on a regular basis.

    In Summary: My guess is that the WTBTS has its' share of naughty 'spiritual men'! Me wonders how many of the 'large army' of tech savvy sisters are naughty as well!

  • thedog1

    Come on 'skin', the picture on page 27 is simply a representation of the two Hebrew midwives who saved the babies in Egypt. Though I have noticed that the pictures of women in the magazines now usually feature good looking people.

  • 88JM

    Why does the WTS always talk about men and boys masturbating; no masturbating sisters? No sisters viewing porn?

    Can you imagine how elders would go about counselling a sister for that? If a sister ever did do the crazy thing of actually telling the elders about it, I would love to see how that conversation would go!

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    I realise this is a bit off-topic, but the SDAs in the 19th century were sex-obsessed. Their Doctor Kellogg, who said he was a sex-therapist, invented a breakfast cereal -- without sugar of course -- as a treatment for masturbation. Its name is Corn Flakes.


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