Are You A Patriotic Person Since Leaving The Witnesses?

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  • millie210

    No cant say I am patriotic.

    If I had an "anthem" it would be "Imagine" by John Lennon. I believe in the brotherhood of man. I am glad to live where I have advantages and am appreciative but I think the definition of a good government is one who cares for its people. Most fall short, some are trying, some are not.

    For now, since there is no "perfect" I cannot see identifying myself with one particular boundary line over another or one continent over another. We are all standing on the same big piece of rock, right?

  • perfect1


    An entire education spent not saluting the flag, not singing the national anthem, what a shame!

    Contrary to what some other posters have said traveling overseas actually made me MORE patriotic. Facing death far from home made grateful to step onto my native soil.

    A US passport is a precious thing, and I took that for granted. People die, steal, risk their everything for the mere CHANCE to be in this country.


  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    i am grateful for the life i have in this country. I don't know any other life. I feel as a woman that my life has more protection under the law than in other countries. I feel proud of the schools paid for by our property taxes. I had no country as a jw. Now i want to be a part of America. I don't know but I think that is patriotism.

  • jws

    Patriotism is like high school rivalries. Our school is the best! No our school is the best! In the end, does it really make a big difference which high school you went to? We're all people and it's what we do as individuals that's important.

    Blind allegiance to a country is never good. When my country does good, I'm proud of it. When it does bad, I'm embarassed for it.

    And most patriotism is, IMO, propaganda. We're better, we've got the best nation, etc. Ra! Ra! Ra! When a lot of it isn't true. It blinds us to the problems. And problems can't be solved if we're not honest about having them.

  • stuckinarut2

    Not patriotic as such, but greatful for the country in which I was born....we have a great standard of living compared to many other parts of the world.

    So I am thankful for what I have in both the stability of the country and standard of living.

    For those that made this possible, I am thankful.


    NOPE. I don't believe in the Beatles, I believe in me...


  • pontoon

    Used to have a lot of our elder's meetings at Watchtower Farm because half our body were Bethelites. Now I'm driving home from work every day right past the Wat Farm in a rag top, top down weather permitting, wearing a hat with an American flag pattern on the brim. What a change. But I am not particularlly patriotic to the government but I am to the country if that makes any sense to you.

  • skeeter1

    Yes, and I love history for the first time. Real history. Love history books and documentaries. Before, I didn't put much stock in the world's history becuase it was going to end. Now, I am part of "the world" and want to know its history. Or, I'm just becoming an old fart. Old farts like history.

    I like the song, "My Country Tis of Thee". Do you know that my middle schooler didn't know the song? They aren't teaching it in school! I was floored.

    I love that we have a 'border problem'. Why is that? Becuase our government is able to set up a system to take care of its people and allow each person an opportunity to succeed. The greatness of a country is its ability to take care of the poor and children, and provide the means for upwards mobility. I wish we could export this to other countries, but their legal system is too corrupt. They want to come here. That, is a compliment. NOT a problem. Yes, I am proud of the United States and a proud citizen to live here.

  • jam

    If someone was at our border ready to invade, I would be the

    first in line to defend it.. If that makes me patriotic, then yes

    I am....

  • bsmart

    As far as the witnesses go, I am a raving patriot. We fly the flag on national holidays and I vote! I go to a meeting each week and the pledge of allegance is said and it is no problem with me.

    That said, I know a few people who are so into the "Teaparty mode" that they make me nervous. So sorta patriotic.

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