BOE 2014-06-09 Adjusted approval and financing process to accelerate Kingdom Hall and Assembly Hall construction

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  • WatchTower87

    2014-06-09 Adjusted approval and financing process to accelerate Kingdom Hall and Assembly Hall construction

    To all bodies of elders.
    The congregation secretary should arrange for this letter to be retained in the congregation permanent file of policy letters. He may also wish to update the congregation copy of the Index to Letters—For Bodies of Elders (S-22) at this time as well.

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    NO VIRUS ;-)




  • warehouse

    Thanks WatchTower87!

    Let the conspiracy theories commence . . .

  • AnnOMaly


  • bruh2012

    Thanks for the "insider info".

    Was there a letter yet explaining the new Local Design Construction Committee (LDC) arrangement and what happens to the Regional Building Committee (RBC) ???

  • AnnOMaly

    If a repair or minor renovation is needed, the body(ies) of elders should explain the need to
    the congregation(s) and give the publishers the opportunity to contribute for the expense locally. If a
    Kingdom Hall is used by more than one congregation and if the combined bodies of elders believe
    there is a need, an additional amount (that is, in addition to the amount described in the previous
    paragraph) equaling no more than three months of the operating committee’s average expenses may
    be maintained by the operating committee for the purpose of keeping the existing facilities in good
    repair. A similar guideline could be applied by a congregation not sharing a Kingdom Hall. In order
    to obtain funding for more significant projects, please seek assistance from your Local
    Design/Construction Department (LDC).

    Wait a minute. The cong. has just given away most of its 'rainy day' savings to Mother. Suddenly something needs fixing. So, after the elders explain the need to the brothers, they ask them for more donations to cover that need. "But we had already saved the money," families will be thinking, "and it was given away. **** off! Get Mother to fund it."

  • Scully

    Why are the letterhead and signature in Italian, while the rest of the letter is in English?

    Is this information valid only to Congregations™ under the Branch Office™ in Rome?

    (Or could it be a nudge-wink-know-what-I-mean reference to the Vatican...?)

  • factfinder


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Thanks, WT87!

    And thanks, Ann. I would expect the bait and switch from WT.

    Letter 1) Please send us all your bank balance above and beyond what you need to cover a couple months expenses. Pledge to send as much as possible monthly in order to make sure all KHs and AHs are maintained and new ones built as needed.

    ...wait for the pledges to roll in...

    Letter 2) If your congregation needs a renovation or repair, like new carpet or a damaged roof, tell the friends in the KH that they need to contribute more money to cover this expense.

    Imagine getting the most expensive health insurance you can afford (and imagine you're from the USA for those of you in countries with gvt. coverage), and once you commit to this policy which promises "total" coverage, then they send you the fine print saying that optical, dental, prescriptions, etc., need to be paid out of your own pocket. The insurance only covers having a baby, cancer (in which case, they will probably deny treatments), and accidents where you have 3 or more broken bones and/or 3rd degree burns over 30% of your body. And the insurance company reserves the right to sell your body for parts if you happen to die.

    It's not just a cult, it's a profit-seeking business!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    It seems very clear that Mother is pulling her hair out because so many congs [BoE's] have not handed over the bulk of their bank balances to the Org, as the Org!!!

    Next step is for the C.O. to warn such Glorious Ones in the congs that they could lose their privileged positions by kicking against the Org's goads!!!

    Interesting to see if a cong voted AGAINST the Elder's recommendation! How would Mother react?

  • problemaddict

    I agree it will take a year or so to shake everything out, and for the CO's to make sure to enforce it. Now that they are given a bit more power (only they can appoint elders for example), they may be asked to flex.

    My guess is that more elders than we think, don't even really understand the branches direction.

    I just wonder if its going to cause any Menlo Park type situations. My guess is no......hive mentality is hard to go against.

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