Shunning at the Jehovah's Witness Convention San Diego 2014

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  • flipper

    WATCHTOWER-FREE- Thanks for posting this youtube. It DEFINITELY shows how fearful AND mind controlled and trained JW's are from the WT Societyto not talk to ANYBODY who they suspect as causing " trouble " or possible " doubts " among them. Wow. This is powerful for anybody to watch who is NOT a JW

  • designs

    Its always a little uneasy to have someone ask you a question like that in public. Pollsters get the same reaction from the public outside of Malls and Markets.

  • jam

    So funny, they get so upset when you invade their territory (assembly),

    but they will disrupt your day, knocking on your doors your day off, on

    the street and while someone is sleeping in his truck. LOL

    If they were smart they would invite the public and state we will

    answer all questions you have about our religion. Set up a few booths

    out side of the assembly, count time and just have a good old day.

  • jam

    Maybe the booth thing is not such a good idea. After the assembly is

    over, they may all come out and see all the booths empty with signs

    "Jehovah SUCKS "!!!!!

  • cognisonance

    I agree with designs, when watching this I wondered what would be the reaction of people if he did this randomly to people on a busy street in a city and asked a simple question (for that audience), something like, "What city are we in." The fact he is filming and with a microphone would make many probably avoid him just like many do a pan handler on the streets. They probably don't want to be bothered, be recorded, etc.

    I remember attending a convention in the 1990s, where I think were ex-members were outside protesting (and lot's of them). Hundreds of convention volunteers (elders?) went outside early after the convention to form a human barrier between the leaving delegates and the “apostates.” IIRC, those forming the barrier even locked arms or held a rope to prevent anyone from approaching the protestors, or the protestors approaching the leaving delegates. Having that on YouTube would be better at shoulding how much the religion is a cult. This video, not so much.

  • Oubliette

    Quendi: But as Oubliette constantly reminds us: "It's a cult!"

    That wasn't me. I think you have me confused with someone else!

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    @ designs: Its always a little uneasy to have someone ask you a question like that in public


    You mean like when a JW is street witnessing and singles out a person at a crowded bus stop to ask the KM question of the month?? But the JW sees no problem with it?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "Maybe they couldn't answer that question truthfully...."

    The way their nulite keeps changing, the best answer they could say would be, "Not yet. But very, very soon."

    The video really shows the cult. If I hadn't been a JW, I would think the whole this was staged. But I was a JW, and that's exactly the way they react.

  • problemaddict

    I spoke to this gentleman on one occasion. I was still a semi-zeaous JW, but I knew this guy wasn't an apostate so I figured the guy some kindness.

    He was a blowhard. He used me approachig him to speak to him out of kindness, as a way to speak even louder and try to....well I'm not sure what he was trying to do.

    Honestly, this dude is just a dick in my opinion. Him and an asian guy he cohorts with come by every year, shout a bit, and then goad people while videotaping it.

    A guy last year (even though I had one foot out), was just yelling at people that they were woshipping the governing body and were angering the Christ.

    Honestly........if I was the branch i would pay these guys to stand outside of every convension. Everyone that goes to the San Dieg convention sees this guy, and knows he is just trying to goad or get a reaction for the cameras. Just sayin.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I'm pretty sure if some random guy stuck a microphone in my face and asked me a such an obviously leading question, I'd keep walking too, especially if there was another random guy standing nearby with a camera. To me, this is the kind of thing that confirms what JW's beleive about those who leave the religion.

    Maybe he should stand outside a Catholic church and ask the people exiting, if the Pope is Catholic.

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