What did your Grannie teach you?

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  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    I came along late in my grannie's life (she was in her 80's when I was born and passed away at 103)....she taught me life lessons though, she was independent- left her husband in her 40's (which was quite the scandal back then), reinvented herself, became a nurse, and worked until age 79 (forced retirement).

    She wasn't into cooking or gardening, but my favorite advice that she gave me is: Spare no expense on your face...buy cheap underwear if you have to...but ALWAYS buy the best soaps and creams and take care of your face! She had a beautiful complexion so I believed her and follow her words in that department!


  • jgnat

    My grandma taught this lefty to knit when everyone else had quit. She taught me that maturity is beautiful and a worthwhile lifetime goal. Mom insisted on thank-you letters and never failed to drill in to us that they needed to be letter-perfect ( grandma was a retired schoolteacher). Being letter perfect hasn't hurt me, nor the habit to say "thank you".

    Grandpa taught me that you don't always have to do what Grandma says (he'd simply turn down the hearing aid). Grandpa imparted the joy of telling a good tale and living until you drop.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    She taught me the story of the Grasshoer and the ant and also the Boy who cried Wolf.

    I learn alot for these...

    Greek fairy tales with good moral... imagine that

  • Mikado

    showed me it was ok to be stroppy and independent when every one else told me it wasnt

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