God come to you in a dream "go out and marry a prostitute".

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  • jam

    And by the way, she will be unfaithful. Would you

    believe it was God or Satan???

    The book of Hosea. Well there is a point to this madness,

    God was essentially comparing the sinful ways of Israel to a

    woman who is not faithful to her husband.

    He (GOD) made a hell of a point with Israel but poor Hosea,

    he had to buy his woman back from the man she was sleeping with.

    He should have DF her, and remarry...

    God really put his prophets through the ringer.

  • Focus

    lol, jam!

    And, there is a simpler explanation...




    ("Composite" Class)

  • jam

    Focus, now I'm really confused.

  • Focus

    Focus, now I'm really confused.

    "God is not the author of confusion." - 1 Cor. 14:33

    Again, proving there is no god. Since we certainly have confusion everywhere in "Creation".

    I trust you approve of my non-labyrinthine offering.



    ("Unconfused" Class)

  • jam

    Thank you Focus I understand, I'm unconfused.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Well, Ezekial was commanded to lie on his left side for 390 days. Then lie on his right side for 40 days. During this time he was told that all his meals would be the strange "Ezekial bread" "using dried human excrement as fuel". After complaining about this terrible assignment, Jehovah allowed him to use cow crap instead for preparing his bread.

    Prophet of Jehovah is just not a good career choice.

  • Ocean1111

    If history repeats I guess prophecy that became history also repeats, on the Israel pattern and meaning of the cycle. Patterns repeat and cyclically.

    It looks like Hosea's "wife" slept with the UN NGO, and "mother" is also a "fornicator":

    (Hosea 2:2,5) Carry on a legal case with your mother; carry on a legal case, for she is not my wife and I am not her husband. ... 5 For their mother has committed fornication.

    I guess that's why Bethel calls itself "mother", but will not apply "apostasy" to themselves, but to everything else; it aids the distraction.

    Maybe Hosea 1:4-7 will also have a repeat as well but on Bethel. The more things change, the more they remain the same. In JezeBethel's case it installed a clerical hierarchy, and neo-papal GB corporate tyranny, a fog of fictions and everything else soon followed in increased manner. It is the same old story really.

    Now JWs are the apostate and misled "Israelites"...

  • QuestioningEverything

    didn't think make him a pimp?!!!!!!

    And why wasn't her or her "johns" destroyed? Remember the KIDS that got eaten by bears for laughing at a prophet?

    Judgement was so arbritrary in the bible

  • Heartofaboy

    Billy, I remember 'studying' the poo incident in the Ezekiel book at the group many years ago.

    When you think of all the magnificent ways big ole J, the creator of the universe, could have made contact with humans & have actually been effective he decided to do it on this occasion by telling this dirty old man to lie on his left side for over a year & then on his other side for over a month........oh & by the way I want you to dry your crap & use it to cook some special bread.

    Even this grubby little human had the intellect to refuse to do this & 'god' had to relent & allow him to use cow crap instead.

    Yeah that really accomplished so much..........

  • steve2

    The last time a man proclaimed himself of God in public and spewed forth invective against evil mankind and then lay down on his side, the local authorities carried him away to a psychiatric ward and pumped him full of antipsychotics. That surely was a brtter outcome than that which befell Ezekiel.

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