What Friggin' Hypocrites!!

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  • Patriot

    What's up folks? Nice to see you all still hanging out.

    Here's what has me pissed this morning:

    There's this elder who I've know since I was about 8. He was one of these super spiritual M.S. and then elder who used to say things like: " What?, you got a flat tire?, well pray to Jehovah and you will see how he will take care of it...just pray.."

    Well anyway, he moved away many several years ago to another Cong. in Manhattan. When I moved to my present address 5 years ago, guess who I bumped into that lived down the block? Now I got a daily dose of: "Do you see how jehovah is blessing you brother? Now that you have more time for field service? I have 10 bible studies that I would like to give you..lets meet". (gag!!!!)

    But since my whole ousting incident in my local hall 3 years ago (thanks to the C.O.....no really thanks!) he and his family have'nt talked to me. They walk right by me, even crossing the street! Of course I say hi really loud so that they have no choice but to acknowledge.

    Anyway this guy comes to my door Sunday wanting to speak to me. I was like " shit..I hope the local elders aren't trying to come after me". But to my surprise do you know what this freak wanted??

    He told me that he had to move out of his home because of some "problem" and that he was looking for a room to rent for himself!!

    I was in shock! "Huh?" He apparently had to move right then and there. I took him to several building where I knew several people who were looking for roomates and got him squared away. All this time I'm in my K9 BDU's and with my sidearm. He did not say a word about it.

    So that same day he's going back and forth with his things moving them to his new room. All he does now is wander around the block at night, I would love to know what happened, knowing Jws though, it will only be a matter of time before I find out.

    And now everytime I see him , he gives me a hug and a strong handshake, talking about "lets get together".
    What, so now that he's obviously not an elder anymore (he's married with kids) he can talk to me and even solicite my help?

    I know many of you would'nt have helped him, but it's in may nature to help anybody in need.

    It still amazes me though how the JW mentality works.....What friggin' Hypocrites!!!........geez.


  • Scully

    Hi Patriot:

    I think it's great that you were able to help him when he needed it. Makes me wonder, though, about where the hell all his so-called "real friends" (ie, JWs) were in his time of need.

    How much you wanna bet that he had to leave because his wife kicked him out for reasons that will probably leave him DF'd?? My feeling on this is that you were the ONLY person out of everyone he knows that will talk to him.

    I hope you'll keep in touch with him, and vice-versa. Sounds like he's had a rude awakening and will need some support.

    Love, Scully

  • LeslieV

    Seems like this person obviously has done something against the JW doctrine. The only thing I can say..Isn't it interesting that is when they seek out ones that have left. And no matter what, you did the right thing, he probably had no one to turn to.

    Myself I can relate to that. When I wrote a letter to the brothers telling them after many years living with an alcoholic elder I no longer wanted to be associated with an org that really didn't care. I had gone to them numerous occasions to ask for help with this. When I left with three children I had no one. My family are all JW's. I had no friends since I knew no one that was "in the world." You might have saved him more then you know.

    Thanks for your kindness even though it seems hypocritical.

  • sf

    He is looking for a friend now.

    It's also possible he has no one to talk to, anymore.

    Why not go for coffee, somewhere public, yet quite and just listen.

    This man is many of whom will be 'roaming the streets' after their world is shattered very soon.

    Let's try to to extend a hand, or at least an ear. We surely know what they are going thru inside themSELVES.

    Get ready people...it's gonna get worse out there before it EVER get's better.


    Too many 'lambs'!

  • roybatty

    Without knowing the whole story (or what this guy did) I think that it takes a lot of heart to help him out after he treated you like crap.

  • ChiChiMama


    Don't hold the past against him.Many of us were totally indoctrinated in the and treated those who left badly.We were not ourselves we were WT robots.I hate what I was in the past.

    Don't let him use you if that is his sole purpose but if he is genuinly sorry about how he acted in the past try to forgive.


  • RedhorseWoman

    Hmmmm.....sounds as if he might have finally realized where real Christian love exists. Good for you for helping him.

    Hopefully, he is on the way out of the cult.

  • gsx1138

    Way to go Patriot. I wish I had a friend when I was DF'd. You do still have to be careful in not allowing him to just use you but I think his world has just crumbled away. More than likely he is in a state of confusion and depression. Get him to jump here and meet most of us as I think this place is excellent for supporting one another. Kudos to you for being a "real" loving person and not embracing the conditional love that the JW have.

    Dear Lord, please save me from your followers.

  • Reborn2002

    Give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Be on your toes and completely alert, but at the very least give the poor soul a chance.

    The fact he was so rigidly shunning you and now he has gone the route of desperately soliciting your help even though you are no longer a JW and even carry a sidearm.. shows he is not the hardcore JW who applied their doctrine so harshly now, and it speaks volumes about his position.

    He has no one else to turn to.

    This would be a prime scenario in which you could give him a
    "reverse witness."

    What an opportunity to show him true Christian love. I would make mention of it next time you see him. Remind him of how rigidly he avoided you, and how harsh he was in his words. Ask why the "brothers" are not helping him, for surely he went to them first.
    Yet, now when he is in a needy position, you are there showing love despite the way he once treated you. At the very least it would make any person with one iota of emotion think.

    He may be on his way out of the cult. This is your chance to help someone exit as you once made your exit.

    However, like I said at the beginning of the post, it IS the loving thing to do to help him.. just be alert.

    JW Viewpoint on Discipline of Children
    "Blows that wound cleanse away evil; strokes make clean the innermost parts." WT 1/15/1954 pgs. 54-62

  • Satanus

    Reminds me of when i was a jw kid. My jw congregation servant father kicked me out, at 16 yrs old. Not one of my 'real jw friends' lifted a finger to help. I lived in my car for a while, until a 'worldly' lady, who was looked down on by my mother, let me stay in one of her rooms.

    Life is funny. First you were working at ground zero in a type of rescue work. Now you are helping out this jw in his time of need. I wish you well.


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