Dwindling Attendance? Here's a quick fix!....

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  • sporece

    Nothing new...it's been going on for decades...low attendance and no matter how many local needs they give it will not do any good.

    Was an elder for 21 years and at every elder meeting we would discuss the problem.

    Let's not forget a good 50% of JW's don't have the " truth " in their heart, don't believe in it and just go through the motion of being a witness.

    Back in the 80's and 90's two congregation that split due to increase of publishers , eventually they had to get back to one congr. due to low attendance and people falling out.

    Good news indeed !!!

  • Tazemanian-devil
    They did this in Bonham, TX a few years back. Same exact reasoning. Yes, THAT Bonham, TX.
  • Monsieur
    Wow...well, u cant blame them for not trying.lol
  • fukitol
    Love reading reports like this. Brings joy to my heart.
  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    The congregation I was in before I faded, joined up with another congregation about 5 years ago due to low attendance, now the attendance is dropping dramatically in this congregation, and with officially about 100 publishers the attendance is sometimes as low as 40, but averages between 50-60.

    Not in the US, but a European country.

  • DwainBowman
    The hall I am stuck in, has aroung 90+ publisher, and most meeting are around 85% often less! Two yesrs ago, the extra chair 's from the back were always brought out on Sunday. Now it's rare that any are needed. And there are pleanty of empty seat already!
  • ToesUp

    We are so glad to hear attendance is down! We have not been to a meeting in over 2 years and wondered if the attendance was down. Thanks for the info. We are happified!

    So much for spiritual food eh?

  • SAHS
    I remember up until just within the last ten years or so ago, they would split the congregations in our area due to updated demographics. (Lots of new people moving into the area because of the very rapid development of new housing subdivisions here in Southern Ontario.) But, according to my long-standing elder dad, they began amalgamating the congregations apparently to give the impression that they had a healthy attendance by the appearance of “filling” the capacity of the Kingdom Halls. How pathetic!

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