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  • wonderwoman77

    Ok, here is my situation. I have been talking with someone on the phone and I am very interested in this person. I have only been talking to them about 4 or 5 days, and when I was talking to them last night or about 3 hours and at one point, just talking to them gave me that sensation, like you get after you kiss someone for the first time. I was like my goodness, what is happening? The thing that sucks, is this person lives 10 hours away...So do I keep pursueing this or do I say, I need someone closer? And what the heck how do you get the tingles from just talking to someone???

  • Bridgette

    Follow your heart but listen to your instincts. Distance won't matter if this is true love. However, that probably has yet to be determined.
    Just be careful, but enjoy the ride.

  • Celia

    You speak 3 hours on the phone with one person ?
    What on earth can you talk about for 3 hours ?
    Have you ever met that person in person ?
    Is he/she an Internet acquaintance ?
    Be careful WonderWoman !

  • wonderwoman77

    Thanks Bridgette...obviously I am not sure how I feel about this person, but there is some kind of connection


    Yes I know to be careful. For 3 hours, you can talk about a lot when you are getting to know a person...

  • peaceloveharmony

    ww, i love that feeling you describe. but damn the distance thing really sucks. i say follow your heart...

  • Beans

    Pursue this only if you will gain sexual gratification on a regular basis, otherwise masturbation is the short term soloution and find someone closer!


  • SPAZnik

    LOL @ Beans. Hilarious.

    wonderwoman77 - i've had the tingles twice now over the phone with someone. we didn't talk for 3 hours mind you. more like 3 minutes. he was the guy taking my order for pizza. what a voice. as in, how do you spell YOWZA!? next time i think i'll order for "pick up". LOL.


  • wonderwoman77

    Harm--- thanks sweetie, it is a good feeling huh? She called me again this afternoon...It is so crazy.

    Beans--this is not about the sex, it is about a connection.

    I still do not get how I can get that feeling just from having a conversation and feeling this connection...It is all sort of overwhelming

  • one

    I have talked for much much longer than that. The other person being only two blocks away.

    Seem like you a lot in common or like to talk about many things.

    Many years ago i talked to a professional lady for month over the phone, never seeing each other. She finally asked for a date. Slowly I made the mistake of succesfully introduce her to the JW, i was out and stayed out. She is married now but we are still very good friends. Talk is cheap but quality maybe good.

  • airwlk149

    if you think 3 hours is long i once talked to the guy of my dreams for 7 hours and 45 minutes.
    we didn't have a "happily ever after" ending- but i hear of people that do.
    good luck!

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