Jws are not supposed to be NATIONALISTIC....right?

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  • stuckinarut2

    So, 'we' as jws are not supposed to be nationalistic or promote individual countries or cultures over another....isn't that correct?

    So, why do witnesses love to have "International" conventions where we see delegates all proudly wearing the stereotyped clothing of their native lands?

    Arent witnesses supposed to be part of gods nation, separate from the world, speaking the "pure language"?

    Why wear all this nationalistic clothing? It doesn't promote unity, it promotes disunity!

    I never understood it!


  • sparrowdown

    Yes, this is a good example of the many inconsistencies and contradictions of their message.

    These large international conventions they love to ham it up on the "out of every nation" BS

    just in case a news crew is covering it.

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    And on saturday the world cup starts, so Witnesses will become Nationalistic:-

    "Come on ye England we know you can win it" actually thats Nationalistic and hypocritcal. So lets not be hypocritical." So on ye England, we know you have no chance, but leave us with some Nationalistic pride"

  • stuckinarut2

    But they are promoting and glorifying the various nations they came from, "rather than promoting unity under gods kingdom, separate from the nations of this evil world"!

    so using this scenario, every witness should dress like they did in a former life before they "learned the truth".....try this.....

    they should dress like drug dealers, hookers, criminals etc.... 'After all, that is what many were'

  • sparrowdown

    The other thing is, if you consistently turned up at the regular meeting dressed in your national garb, you would most likely get counseled about it.

  • scary21

    What do they wear to the KH ? They should dress the same way at a IC.

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    I remember a christian programme on the B.B.C, that examined J.W beliefs, " Shiny Happy People" was how the extract began, and it was all based on the Twickenham convention in London.

    Hypocritical in the meeting it was mentiond what time the programme was to air and how we should view it. ( remember the show was a christian programme) Anyway the show gave such a superficial and positive view of the witnesses, dressed in their international attire that i belive what was said from the platform a few weeks later, that many who watched the show contacted Bethel asking for a study.

    Shame on the B. B.C. for producing such a distorted view of the religion.

  • stillin

    It is an opportunity for the missionaries to shine. Clerical dress

  • Dis-Member

    There is a difference between displaying culture and displaying nationalism. Nationalism can contain all that nasty negative politics.. culture can be a simply a colourful dress or a skirt made of grass.

  • KateWild

    Why wear all this nationalistic clothing? It doesn't promote unity, it promotes disunity!-stuckinarut

    It's not reallly nationalistic, I would say it's national dress. I see it promoting individualism, and variety. This is rare for WT, and it's a front. I don't find it causes any kind of divisions. I am with DM, it's more cultural than nationlistic. But having the convention is divisive because they teach that outside the RC everyone else is not serving the true God and is wicked.

    Kate xx

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