This Good News of The Kingdom Will Be Preached Then The End WIll Come

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  • seekchristonly


    The preaching work was finished in the 1st century before the destruction of Jerusalem,the temple and the old covenant.

    This is confirmed by Messiah and the Apostles themselves

    i quote Jesus

    "You will not finish going through all the tribes of Israel before i come in my Kingdom"

    "Some of you standing here(the apostles) will still be alive when i return"


    romans 10;18;


    colossians 1;6 and 23

    It was for their generation only and fulfilled before the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple. There are nomore types,shadows or dual fulfillment.They ended in the 1st century. Theses end times churches are in delsuion and mistaken either knowingly or unknowingly.

    Get out of church and into christ.The Kingdom is within and you cannot see it or touch it

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  • KateWild

    see my youtube channel-seekchristonly

    Why? Are you trying to get followers of your own? Are you preying on vulnerable people who are exiting a cult?

    Jesus said in Matt 24 that he is coming. Well where is he? Why didn't he make firm plans?

    Kate xx

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Seek you say " The kingdom is within me" thanks:-

    But now i have the kingdom within me, i have a seriouse question. Why is there no longer any fun in taking out my secretary? is it because i am married?

  • designs

    Radical Preterism.

  • seekchristonly

    afraid not designs. You desrie to put everythign into a box shows the mental,eotional and physchological conditioning you are under

  • designs

    And you have glue on your fingers....

  • seekchristonly

    the only tihng im glued to is Christ thanks

  • designs

    He's thrilled

  • stillin

    It seems to me that most of the posters here have decided which elements of their JW experience to keep and which to leave behind. Many have decided that leaving Christianity would be like throwing out the baby with the wash water. Many have decided that religion is a racket and a snare. But I feel confident that MOST will figure things out for themselves and they have had it with having another human being explaining God to them, as though they are an authority on Godworshipping. If God wants to say something, He/She/It knows how to find us.

  • seekchristonly

    good point stillin and im in agreement with them religion is a racket and snare but im sharing the realness of Christ within us

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