A PERSONAL QUESTION to help me finish my NOVEL

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  • b00mslang

    Is it serialized or are you doing only one story?

    Is it a Sci-Fi that uses Mars as a setting or is it in reference to war?

    You could incorporate the Dr. Albert Abrams "Radionic" device (ERA) into the story. Sort of like in; "Do Androids Dream of Electic Sheep", when you grab the handles and emphathize w/ Mercer (left out of the movie but you see some of the equipment in Deckard's apartment).

    You could have DF'd peeps walking up an endless hill while the faithful shun them. Then, peeps could network via an Abrams device to empathize with the spirtual misreants. The Sisters could be sort of re-incorporated as a type of modernized android/Stepford Wives (with literature carts, now that would be spooky).

    I'm thinking John Carpenter could direct the film version and H.R. Giger could model the GB (and the Warwick facility). Tight-Pants can burst out of Anthony Morris III's fly.

    Think "pants burster".

    Truly frightening!

  • steve2

    I remember reading a review of a graphically violent novel that said something like, "The book is worse that violent - it is badly written". For me, the extent to which a writer "gets away" with twists in plot comes down to his/her craft. For good writers, literally nothing's out of bounds (ask Salman Rushdie), but for those straining at the craft....Terry it's your call...

  • JeffT

    Is it disturbing to you when an author jumps into the flow of history and radically departs in order to drive an important lesson home to the reader?

    I hope not. I'm trying to get an alternate history novel published. Check your PM.

  • Terry

    I'm over 100,000 words now!
    My total page count is 323.

    I'm on fire!

    My book is a 19th century style novel with formal language of heroics and the female characters are very strong.

    There is considerable role-reversal. For instance, in Martian society the religious customs are exactly opposite of Christian obsession with

    male superiority and headship.

    Think Charles Dickens meets E.R. Burroughs as filtered through Rod Serling :)

  • Terry

    Sarasmile asks:

    Is it disturbing to you when an author jumps into the flow of history and radically departs in order to drive an important lesson home to the reader?

    Can you write an example?

    Here an excerpt from the chapter titled THE FAT LADY SINGS

    The setting is the top floor of the tallest building on Mars in the New World Society headquarters.

    Three of the Society's top leaders are present: Nathan Knorr, Joseph Rutherford and Fred Franz.

    This is a confrontation between the Directors and Louise Boyd and Jack Clayton.


    The hammer fell, transferring energy to the firing pin which struck the primer, igniting repellant inside the cartridge of Joe Rutherford’s pistol. Hot gases expanded, building pressure behind the lead bullet, pushing it down the gun barrel and out the opening in the muzzle, dropping pressure in the barrel itself. The grooves in the gun barrel added torque to the lead which spun fast enough to keep the deadly slug headed straight and true.

    The Judge had intended to scare the young lady shitless and cripple her Cro-Magnon boyfriend if he charged across the room after him. He had reckoned the man Clayton was big enough to do him damage—but, too big to move fast enough to outrun a bullet. He never got the opportunity to prove himself right. The shattering window had been a game change.

    The momentum of a quarter ton of muscle could not be stopped by the weapon in his hand unless he was lucky enough to strike the slavering beast exactly in its raging heart before it fell upon him and removed his head from his body. The Judge had reckoned one way or the other he was in for a heap of hurt.

    The Tower Directors on his flanks had let out a couple of sissy yelps the instant of the breaking glass, but old Joe swiveled the muzzle and kept his head, pulling an instinctive shot just like shooting rats on his Dad’s farm.

    The gun muzzle flashed with a thundering BANG!

    In seconds it was over. But, it hadn’t turned out the way the Judge had expected it to go. His Mom had always said this funny little phrase when friends or family had chided her, saying Joe had lost a case in court. She’d just make a face like sour lemons and tell them, “It ain’t over till the Fat Lady Sings.”

    Suspended in mid-air for one half second, the “Fat Lady” in the form of a Silverback Gorilla had collided with Joe’s bullet.

    The muzzle velocity of the .44 caliber slug was 1,500 feet per second and it passed clean through the meat just under the ape’s clavicle and out the other side. In accordance with Sir Isaac Newton’s observation that—an object in motion continues in motion unless acted upon by an outside force—the gorilla met a counter-force which changed the trajectory of its forward motion just enough.

    Before the Judge could pull off another shot he was forced to launch himself backward from the heavy oak table away from the outreach of the beast’s awesome paws. This left Nathan Knorr in the direct path of a cyclone of rampaging energy, in no mood to kiss and make up.

    Across the room Jack Clayton and Louise Boyd riveted their respective stares on what transpired next. The gorilla landed half across the table and slid like a runner coming in to home base for a triple off a home run.

    The instant Knorr was inside the ape’s embrace the man disappeared. A horrible cacophony of crunching and screaming and blood spurting left a small pool of soggy clothing and several body parts for sorting. Knorr’s head and face were gnawed into a candy apple of red mush.

    At the same moment, Rutherford upended and toppled his chair backward to the floor—pistol still in hand. Freddy Franz seemed to be choking on his own fear as he crawled away toward the exit like a two year old that hadn’t learned to walk. His gibbering and the stain in his britches seemed most appropriate to that analogy.

    The Judge knew he might only own another second and a half of opportunity to set things straight and prevent the Fat Lady from breaking into song. He rolled over on his side and proceeded to pump five deafening blasts of lead into the bloody monster before it could do him in.

    The bullets tore through the ribcage, heart, lungs and liver of the Silverback Gorilla. It fell dead as Tuesday’s laundry not six inches from the old man’s smoking pistol hole.

    The Judge smirked and sat upright, readying himself for a full-throated gloat—except for the shadow which had fallen across him from another kind of beast towering over him at that moment: Jack Clayton.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    *Applause, applause* Hurry up and get it published, Ter. Gotta get to Mars-- I'm on a mission-Lol. why the monorails of mars?

  • Pistoff

    "Is it disturbing to you when an author jumps into the flow of history and radically departs in order to drive an important lesson home to the reader?"

    Not if the point of it is clear, either immediately or soon after, and if the flow is good.

  • punkofnice

    The title is fantastic.

    What would appeal to a JW? Their own publications if they're totally zombiefied. Anything else if they're not.

    I think anything naming their cult leaders will set off alarm bells.

  • truth_b_known

    First, I would like to thank you for taking on this project. I, too, wanted to write a science fiction novel that had an allegory of the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society and Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Second, I would offer to proof your book. I believe I actually live relatively close to you.

    Growing up as one of Jehovah's Witnesses I was and still am an advid fan of science fiction. My mother blames my father for this. She still holds it against him for taking me to see Star Wars back in 1977 when I was 3.

    I found that many Jehovah's Witnesses are huge Star Trek fans. Gene Roddenberry's utopian future of humans living in peace problably strikes a chord with those hoping for a paradise earth. However, they miss the fact that Roddenberry was an aethist and his vision of the future was sans religion.

    I think you chose wisely on using science fiction be the tool to deliver your message. That's how Star Trek got away with anti-war and racial harmony messages during the 1960s.

    I think if you make a character that the readers adore and than have this oppressive regime who changes the rules as the go constantly harassing him, you will reach the hearts and minds of your readers.

  • Terry

    Rip Van Winkle asks: why the monorails of mars?

    The phrase popped into my head one day and suddenly the entire idea hatched in an instant of time.

    Call it weird, call it crazy--but, nothing has ever seemed so clear to me.

    Besides, it has kind of a harkening back to ASTOUNDING pulp magazine sci-fi feeling to it.

    Isaac Asimov's CAVES of STEEL sort of thing.

    I am what is called an "organic" writer. That doesn't mean I'm gluten free--it means things come to me "in the moment".

    I plotted this one start to finish before I began and I've never done that before.

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