Taking care of aging parents

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  • skeeter1

    I hear that a recent talk was about taking care of one's aging parents. I agree. Generally, kids should take care of aging parents. But, isn't it funny coming from the Society's mouth?

    Wasn't it the Society who told us kids to not plan for our parents getting old?

    Wasn't it the Society that told the parents that they would never get old and die?

    Wasn't it the Society that allowed sisters and brothers to beat their kids in the Kingdom Hall or at Assemblies for not sitting still for hours?

    Wasn't it the Society that told elders to not discipline family abuse situations becuase it was a personal matter? Then the kids lived in an abusive, but "Christian" home?

    Wasn't it the Society that allowed pedophiles to prey upon JW children? Wasn't it the Society that silenced the parents from reporting the abuse to the authorities? Isn't it true that children blame their parents for not protecting them from pedophiles?

    Wasn't it the Society that kept followers from going to college in a world where a college education became indespensible in a changing work environment, now robbing many of the financial ability to care for their parents?


    Isn't it true that 67% of JWs leave upon reaching adulthood and only a small handful retun? Isn't it true that the WTS has told parents to treat non-believing children badly and apostate children very badly?


    So, now the Society tells the elderly that their children are bad if they are not there for them 100%. . . . when the parents were not there for them.

    The old bumper sticker comes to mine. "Be nice to your children. They will be changing your diaper one day."

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    skeeter, its a shame so many of those aging parents never learnt to " take care" of the practical and loving needs of there childern.

  • Splash

    This was one WT the society never thought they'd end up writing.

    However, now there are so many old ones being discarded by the society (closing branches, no more DO's), they need to suggest something so that these ones get cared for after spending their whole lives in service to the GB.


  • leaving_quietly

    This was the subject of the WT study for the last two weeks. A comment from a middle-aged sister: "We are GOING to get old. We can't stop it."

    I guess this writer(s) of these two articles and the majority of JW don't agree with the GB about it being the last day (or is it now the last hour?) of the last days. I mean, why have planning for elderly care articles when this system is going to end "very soon"?

  • carla

    Does this include taking care of non jw parents?

  • Finkelstein

    Good write up Skeeter1 and perfectly true.

    What we can see over time is that the coercive corrpt lies/doctrines that the WTS. used to attract attention

    to its literature and exploit people to proliferate that literature, has shown to be severely detrimentally

    to the people who took the bait.

    There are now a couple of generations of JWS who are in dire need and the children of these elderly people cant help

    because they need help themselves.


    ....... but ironically the WTS has never been richer and the people who at the most top of the

    organization are sitting on millions.


    ie .... The GB members (Corporation Heads) have no worries toward their own health and well being because

    they know the WTS. has them well looked after.

  • 3rdgen

    Skeeter, good points. The WTBT$ prints articles giving admonition to take care of aging parents for the simple reason that THEY don't want to do it. Even when they build care homes they charge BIG BUCKS to live there. There is not a charitable bone in their bodies.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Look at this subheading.

    Isn't this addressing the "generation" (NOT to be confused with an overlapping generation) born well after "the generation" that would NOT pass away?

    Were they ever told to plan for anything (except 5 meetings, 3 assemblies/conventions, and Field Service every weekend)? No retirement. No savings. No plans for getting old. But the better damn well plan for "day of distress" now that they're old and broke.


  • Finkelstein

    The other aspect to the description of families members looking after one and another, comes into play

    when families are broken apart from the WTS's own Disfellowshipping policy.


    Millions of families have been destroyed by this policy among JWS, so lets say a father or mother

    totally shut out one or more of their children who were DFEd and communication ceased between the family.


    In occurrences such as this, are the children willing to put forth an effort to look after their ailing parents who didn't show

    any reasonable amount of love and care themselves toward them during their growing adult years ?

  • scary21

    They are suppose to be brothers and sisters.....bull ....when my elderly mom could have used a home cooked meal, or a ride to the store they were not there for her.....no, could not lift a finger....let your worldly kids 1200 miles away drive you to the store.

    So they tell you "we are one big world wide family" untill you need help and then they say your REAL family ( not the fake one we have been lying about) needs to help you. I hear of some congregations that help the elderly but they are not encouraged by the GB to do so. In fact the GB gives them an out by saying if they have family(1200 miles away) we do not help .Yes heard it from the elders own mouth.

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