I'm not gay, but

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  • stuckinarut2

    Well, remember...according to 'anthony morris', if you wear tight pants...you become gay...or at least you will be attracting gays......

  • steve2

    I'm perfectly fine in tight pants...it's other men in tight pants who disturb me.

    But seriously, even though I am irredeemably gay, I frequently see women whom I would describe as "absolutely gorgeous" and/or as having fantastic bodies. I can be mesmerized by beauty and physical attractiveness in either men or women... but that is not the same as saying I therefore "feel" like having sex with them. I don't. Does that make sense?

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    yes you can see beauty and not "want" it

  • DJS


    Yes, it makes sense.

  • sparrowdown

    I think it is quite natural to admire beauty regardless of gender. And there are some beautiful people out there.

    The human body is a work of art.

  • zed is dead
    zed is dead

    I had a person tell me that he liked "chicks with dicks," but he wasn't gay. WTF?!


  • talesin

    zed - perhaps he has the fantasy that a lot of men seem to have 'if I had boobs, I'd stay home and play with them all day' --- seriously, how many times have you heard that old saw? *nods*

    I am with Steve2 on this one. I admire beauty in any form, and it doesn't necessarily mean anything more than that.


  • transhuman68

    For young people there is a 'need to breed'- the desire to pass on the genes to a next generation in a misguided desire for a form of immortality- that makes members of the opposite sex seem attractive. But beyond that, there really isn't much physical difference between men & women- especially as they get older.

  • TeenageInsider

    i am a straight woman.

    i like boys

  • Bob_NC

    I see beauty in a variety of human forms. I am on the lookout for beauty in women, however. Sometimes I have wondered if I could have a homosexual encounter.

    Here is how I have answered it for me. I see a man beautiful in form. Could I kiss him? Heck no! That's the answer I accept for myself. Can't say I haven't given it honest consideration.

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