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  • roberto avon
    roberto avon

    while I was reading a book ( picture emclosed ) some toughts came up in my mind

    Brothers in the USA are not allowed to have a moustache unlesse it concerns coloured brothers but white brothers are allowed to have a beard if they are bold ( I read it on this forum ) so I am very sorry for the coloured brothers who want a beard, no way!

    In France, brothers are allowed to have a beard and in Scandinavia " longer " hair ( I would like to advise " worlds apart " a very interesting movie about shunning ).

    So if a french, coloured brother moves to Scandinavia and let his hair grow and then
    goes to Italy for a couple of monts and wants to attend the meetings at the local congregation, is he allowed, without cutting hair, moustache and beard?

    If you Asian?

    I can't stop worrying about this and think will have another sleepness night.

  • roberto avon
  • Gypsy Sam
    Gypsy Sam

    Sounds like he comprehended perfectly when he threw the book out. LOL

  • Vidiot

    Ambiguity about facial hair certainly keeps me up at night.

  • problemaddict

    Robert, nobody can stop you from growing hair on your face head or otherwise. In fact, one could argue God put that there for a reason. Even in the USA, if you grow a beard, they just won't use you for anything. Its not like they will ask you to leave.

    In Europe and Scandinavia it is similar. Outside of Spain I have seen very few elders serve with beards. In Sweden I saw everyone clean cut. In Norway the same. I would say the same thing to do is to remain clean shaven if that is something you are sitting wondering about. But usually when you are travelling between countries, but still visiting witnesses, you are given a pass in Europe.

    If by cloured freinds, you mean the black or african american JW's here in the US, I woudl say that basically the same rules apply. With one forth or a bit more of the witnesses in America black, you will sometimes find a few specific rules unique to them within the organization, but this is all local and usually just a few elders going off the rails.

  • MissFit

    Lol. Be sure to view the picture! Roberto if that is all that keeps you awake at night, you are indeed fortunate. Some cannot get hair to grow at all. Maybe they are trying to cut down on hair and mustache envy.


  • Viviane

    JW brothers in the US can have moustaches. Many elders have them. Samuel Herd on the GB has one.

  • berrygerry

    In the photo, change "three year old" to "33 year old" and the word "gorilla" to "pioneer" and then re-read it.

  • roberto avon
    roberto avon

    what I know for sure is that in Italy beards and moustaches are not allowed but we live very near to the french border where a beard is allowed.

    Also that in countries as Danmark there are quite a few brothers with " longer " hair. Really happy that I don't belong to this " family ".

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