eBay Watchtower literature demand tanks - Congratulations Apostates!

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  • 4thgen

    Hello All! Recently I have begun selling again on ebay after a 10 year hiatus. I'm embarrassed to say, but years ago, I was in a bidding war for a original Photo drama of Creation book of the slides. I ended up winning the bid for $125.00 plus shipping. I was ecstatic to get a piece of history!

    Now, you can purchase one for about $35.00 with free shipping. It seems that the interest in getting JW collectables has waned as the perception of the organization is changing. What a difference the internet has made! It appears that the 100 year celebration that they are touting is not going over as expected. If the rank and file were actually swallowing the B.S. and happy about the passage of time, the historical collectables would be flying off the shelves. The supply is huge and the demand is not there. TTATT is getting known!

  • steve2

    Celebrating 100 yrs of still being here is not such a hot idea in an organization that has spent nigh 140 years pushing the nearness of the end.

  • villagegirl

    steve2 - Well put. What extreme level of delusion the rank and file who remain in

    have. The latest message the "Governing Body" is putting out,

    is "Don't believe anything you see, or have read or were told by us,

    in the past, and just face foward and keep marching and follow us blindly,

    keep your eyes on the organization as your only hope."

    The fact that this equals idolatry, completely escapes the followers.

    The belief they preach is not a belief in God or YHWH and certainly

    not in Jesus Christ as their mediator or savior or hope of the world,

    it is clearly to direct all worship to themselves.

    They believe they are "God's People" and there is not one doctrine

    or shred of evidence that this is the case. The same superior attitude

    they have always had and the same worshipful fear of their own leadership.

    The "Organization" runs the rank and file, like a North Korean

    multi-generational prison camp.

  • NotNew

    thanks...hope this is just the beginning Of the awakening On a grand scale.

    It may be that those who would be interested in these are too old to be on the internet, left or have died...like my mom, she would not feel the need to refer to reading older books as they are old light. At 81 she is still hoping for the promises taught... to come true before her death. She doesn't have much energy for anything else. Although active she is one who at this time has blinders on.

    If (when:)the org disappears, there would be millions ripe for the picking...by another dangerous group... and a few get away!

    Stop the influx and let time take its toll may be the best course...along with trying to awaken others still in that are able make a change and have a more meaniful life.



  • Crazyguy

    I think all the ones being told to just be loyal has had more an effect then ever before, when i was still going it was amazing to see so many that were so ingnorant of every thing around them except the JW stuff. They truly are living life in a cave.

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