The Best Ex Jehovah's Witnesses and Apostate Jokes

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    Why did Jehovah cross the road?

    To kill some people in a bad way...... also to buy some beans.

  • Giordano

    Two JW's met two Mormons on the sidewalk.

    "We don't step aside for aposates" said one of the JW's.

    "We do!" said the Mormon as they steped around the JW's.

  • Giordano

    Housholder to JW. "So you think I am interested in what your saying? What I am interested in is having you take your tornado of bullshit to the next house."

    Young JW knocks on Householder's door.

    "Come in young man and have a seat. Now tell me what you have to say."

    Long pause....."I don't know", says the JW "I've never gotten this far before."

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