Would blood mgmt improvements have been made without firm stand of JW's

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  • nugget

    Blood is expensive so economics would have forced change with or without witnesses.

  • smiddy


    I often wonder if any of these parents have since learned TTATT , or even if they have not learned TTATT , but have drifted away , left the religion , and regretted /felt remorse/or even guilty over their decision to agree with , and support the no blood policy of jehovahs witnesses , which has led to the death of their child.

    Putting myself in their shoes today , I would probably feel all of those emotions , but I would be livid that an organisation can escape prosecution for suggesting , withholding a valid medical procedure on religous grounds and then penalising those who have the fortitude to go against the religions poicy. Eg. Shunning , Disfellowshipping , Disassociation , all of which at one time or another are directed at anyone who contravenes jehovahs witness doctrines or policys.

    This is a form of emotional blackmail against an individual .


  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Maybe not, but Hitler made the trains on time.

  • hamsterbait

    I must say however - I have personally known dubbies, including my mother, and an uncle who refused blood.

    For hemorraging ulcers, cancer and heart bypass surgery, among others. In all of these the doctors did remark on how unusually well they were doing. When others were still lying about looking dreadful.

    This is still ANECDOTAL evidence - that is: all I can say is what I saw and experienced. But saying that, if what we see and experience is to be dismissed as anecdotal, and therefore not provable, we might as well shut the lawcourts, and stop asking for testimony from witnesses.

    Even worse, why not dismiss the testimony of child abuse victims - mere anecdotal evidence, non corroborated??


  • Finkelstein

    There has been BS self promoting propaganda by the WTS. leaders (GB), making proclamations that its the JWS refusal

    of blood transfusions, that spurred on the lowering use of BTs in todays modern medical procedures.


    This of course is far from the truth, the real Truth of the matter is modern surgical techniques have made the need of BTs

    less and other mitigating problems such finding appropriate blood types, the cost of storge for all blood types ..... etc.


    As well the known medical problems of blood transfusions from one person to another, documented and realize in the

    medical community.

  • JeffT

    There has been a general shortage of blood for as long as I can remember (my father, brother and sister are all doctors). Doctors have been looking for ways to avoid the need for blood for a very long time. Any advances have come about because the docs wanted to help everybody, most of them probably have never dealt with a JW on the issue outside an ER, if then. I agree with statements above, this is the Watchtower trying to claim something for itself, that simply isn't true.

    Julia, that was Mussolini, not Hitler.

  • smiddy

    A case comes to mind in Australia in the early 1960`s when a blood issue regarding a child of JW parents came up . We were only new in the religion then . This was in Melbourne , Vic, Australia , and the parents were named Jehu.,as reported in the press .

    I beleive that some time later Mr.Jehu was disfellowshipped , I can only assume that what they went through with the decision they made regarding their child would have had traumatic effects in their life which brought on marital problems culminating on his being disfellowshipped .

    How many other marriages have been destroyed because couples beleiving the Jehovahs Witnesses are /were chosen by God as his representatives/prohets on earth today .

    We may be guilty of gullibillity , naivety , or even stupidity , ....The Governing Body of Jehovahs Witnesses are guilty of Fraud , Lies , Deception .


  • sarahsmile

    I thought it was written by the WT. I can see Wt qouting this article.

    My thoughts it proves Canada hospital errors and not the actual blood. I only read part two.

    Unfortuntly few mistakes happen but did they compare it to how many lives were saved.

    Hmm, it looks like three lives can be saved by one donation.

  • jgnat

    Nazi experiments on prisoners also provided valuable and unique data for future researchers, largely because such experiments and treatments are unethical. Any treatment that results in the death or deformity of the patient is unethical.


    I don't see anyone lining up to repeat the Nazi example.

  • snare&racket

    Great point jgnat !

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