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    J U L Y 2 0 1 4

    For United States of America km14 07-E Us Vol. 57, No. 7

    Why Important: When sharing in the

    house-to-house ministry, we often find that

    many people are not at home. However, we

    may come in contact with them when using

    public transportation, when waiting in a doctor’s

    office, when taking a break at work or at

    school, and so forth. It is Jehovah’s will that

    everyone has an opportunity to hear the Kingdom

    message. (1 Tim. 2:3, 4) Often, in order

    to give a witness, we must take the initiative to

    start a conversation.

    Howto Do It:

    ˙ Be selective. Does the person seem friendly

    and willing to talk? Do the circumstances

    allow for relaxed conversation?

    Some publishers first make eye contact

    with the person and then smile. If the person

    smiles back, they try to start a conversation.

    ˙ Say a brief, silent prayer if you lack the

    courage to speak.—Neh. 2:4; Acts 4:29.

    ˙ Start with a simple comment, perhaps a

    greeting. Jesus did not begin his conversation

    with the Samaritanwoman by talking

    about the Kingdom. (John 4:7) Sometimes

    a conversation can be initiated by

    giving commendation: “Your children are

    sowell-behaved!” Asking a question is another

    possible conversation starter: “Did

    you see that news report last night?”

    ˙ Once the conversation has started, look

    for an opportunity to introduce the

    good news, but do not be in a hurry. Allow

    the conversation to develop naturally.

    Perhaps you can make a statement

    that arouses the person’s curiosity and

    prompts an inquiry. For example, if the

    conversation is about family matters, you

    might say, “I found some reliable advice

    on raising children.” If you are discussing

    a news item, you could say, “I recently

    enjoyed reading some good news for a

    change.” Do not be discouraged if the

    conversation ends before you can give a


    ˙ Carry tracts or other literature that you can

    give to someone who shows interest.

    Try This During theMonth:

    ˙ Each week try to start at least one conversation

    with the goal of witnessing informally.

    Improving Our Skills in the

    Ministry—Initiating a Conversation

    in Order to Witness Informally


    Song 1 and Prayer

    Q Congregation Bible Study:

    cl chap. 10 _1-7 (30 min.)

    Q Theocratic Ministry School:

    Bible reading: Leviticus 21-24 (10 min.)

    No. 1: Leviticus 23:1-14 (4 min. or less)

    No. 2: Universal Salvation Is Not Scriptural—rs

    p. 356 _3 (5 min.)

    No. 3: Acceptable Time—Use Wisely the Opportune

    Season for God’s Favor—it-1 pp. 37-38

    (5 min.)

    Q Service Meeting:

    Song 45

    10 min: Get Ready for the Special Campaign

    in August. Distribute a copy of the new tract

    Where Can We Find Answers to Life’s Big Questions?

    to anyone who does not have a copy. Using

    the sample presentation on page 4, have two

    demonstrations. First show how the tract will be

    offered to most householders. Then demonstrate

    how it may be offered when the householder

    shows interest or desires to talk. Encourage all to

    have a full share in the campaign.

    5 min: Benefit From Examining the Scriptures

    Daily. Discussion. Invite the audience to comment

    on when they consider the text each day

    and how their use of Examining the Scriptures

    Daily has benefited them.

    15 min: “Improving Our Skills in the Ministry

    —Initiating a Conversation in Order to Witness

    Informally.” Discussion. Include a demonstration.

    Song 107 and Prayer

    _ 2014 Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Our Kingdom Ministry (ISSN 1067-7259) is published monthly by Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses;

    C. I. Woody, President; W. H. Nonkes, Secretary-Treasurer; 2821 Route 22, Patterson, NY 12563-2237. Periodicals Postage Paid at Patterson, NY, and at additional mailing

    offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Our Kingdom Ministry, 1000 Red Mills Road, Wallkill, NY 12589-3299. Printed in Canada.



    Song 73 and Prayer

    Q Congregation Bible Study:

    cl chap. 10 _8-17 (30 min.)

    Q Theocratic Ministry School:

    Bible reading: Leviticus 25-27 (10 min.)

    No. 1: Leviticus 26:1-17 (4 min. or less)

    No. 2: Will All Humans Eventually Be

    Saved?—rs p. 357 _1 (5 min.)

    No. 3: Accident, Accidental—Ways in

    Which the Scriptures Differentiate Between

    Accidental and Intentional Occurrences

    —it-1 p. 38 (5 min.)

    Q Service Meeting:

    Song 67

    10 min: Respected for Our Good Conduct

    and Christian Neutrality. Discussion based

    on the 2014 Yearbook, pages 120 and 149.

    Invite audience to comment on the lessons


    10 min: Will You Auxiliary Pioneer in August?

    Talk. Interview two or three publishers

    who plan to auxiliary pioneer in August despite

    being infirm or having a busy schedule.

    What adjustments are they making in order

    to auxiliary pioneer? Invite the service overseer

    to reviewthe arrangements for the meetings

    for field service during August.

    10 min: “How Do I Appear to Jehovah?”

    Questions and answers.

    Song 65 and Prayer

    1 How often do you look into a mirror?

    Most of us do so daily because this helps us

    see aspects of our physical appearance that

    need attention. The Bible has been likened

    to a mirror. Reading God’s Word enables us

    to see our inner self, the person whom Jehovah

    sees. (1 Sam. 16:7; Jas. 1:22-24) God’s

    Word can “discern thoughts and intentions

    of the heart.” (Heb. 4:12) How can reading

    and meditating on the Bible every day help

    1. How is the Bible like a mirror?

    us to see areas that we should strengthen in

    order to be more successful evangelizers?

    —Ps. 1:1-3.

    2 Use the Bible as a Mirror: Bible accounts

    of faithful servants of Jehovah teach us what

    qualities are beautiful to him. For example,

    David demonstrated zeal for God’s name.

    (1 Sam. 17:45, 46) Isaiah courageously volunteered

    to preach in difficult territory. (Isa.

    6:8, 9) Jesus’ deep love for his heavenly Father

    caused him to view the ministry as a

    source of refreshment and satisfaction rather

    than an unpleasant burden. (John 4:34)

    First-century Christians preached with zeal,

    relied on Jehovah, and were determined not

    to give up. (Acts 5:41, 42; 2 Cor. 4:1; 2 Tim.

    4:17) Meditating on such examples helps us

    to look at ourselves with the objective of improving

    the quality of our sacred service.

    3 Act to Correct Defects: Of course, it does

    us no good to look in a mirror and then ignore

    a defect. We can ask Jehovah to help

    us see ourselves objectively and then to help

    us make needed adjustments. (Ps. 139:23,

    24; Luke 11:13) Because the time left is reduced

    and lives are involved, we must not

    procrastinate about making necessary changes.—

    1 Cor. 7:29; 1 Tim. 4:16.

    4 A person’s inner self—what Jehovah takes

    note of—is far more important than his outward

    appearance. (1 Pet. 3:3, 4) What happens

    to the man who peers into God’s Word

    and then acts on what he discovers? He “has

    become, not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of

    the work; and he will be happy in what he

    does.” (Jas. 1:25) Yes, we will be happy and effective

    ministers because we “reflect like mirrors

    the glory of Jehovah.”—2 Cor. 3:18.

    2. How can the Bible help us to make a selfexamination?

    3. Why should we not procrastinate in making

    needed adjustments?

    4. What happens to the man who peers into God’s

    Word and acts on what he discovers?

    HowDo I Appear to Jehovah?


    1 It was the mid-seventh century B.C.E., and

    Baal worship was being openly practiced in Judah.

    Bad King Amon had recently been murdered,

    and now young King Josiah was reigning.

    (2 Chron. 33:21–34:1) During that time,

    Jehovah raised up Zephaniah to declare His

    judgment message. Although Zephaniah may

    have been a member of Judah’s royal house,

    he did not water down Jehovah’s message of

    1. In what setting did Zephaniah serve as a prophet,

    and how is he a good example for us today?

    condemnation to Judah’s leadership. (Zeph.

    1:1; 3:1-4) Similarly, we strive to imitate Zephaniah’s

    courage and avoid allowing family ties

    to impact our worship of Jehovah in a negative

    way. (Matt. 10:34-37) What message did

    Zephaniah declare, and with what results?

    2 Seek Jehovah: Only Jehovah can save individuals

    in the day of his anger. Thus, Zephaniah

    urged the people of Judah to seek Jehovah,

    seek righteousness, and seek meekness

    while time still remained. (Zeph. 2:2, 3) The

    same is true in our day. Like Zephaniah, we

    encourage others to seek Jehovah, but we too

    must act, being determined never to “turn

    away from following Jehovah.” (Zeph. 1:6)

    Rather, we seek Jehovah by carefully studying

    his Word and by praying for his guidance.We

    seek righteousness by living a morally clean

    life. We seek meekness by cultivating a submissive

    attitude and by readily responding to

    direction from Jehovah’s organization.

    3 Positive Results: Zephaniah’s judgment

    message struck a responsive chord with at

    least some in Judah but likely most notably

    with young Josiah, who started to search for

    Jehovah while he was still a boy. Josiah later

    carried out a vigorous campaign against idolatry

    in the land. (2 Chron. 34:2-5) Today, although

    some Kingdom seed falls alongside

    the road, on rocky ground, or among the

    thorns, some also falls on the fine soil and

    yields fruit. (Matt. 13:18-23) We are confident

    that Jehovah will continue to bless our efforts

    as we stay busy spreading Kingdom seed.—Ps.


    4 Some in Judah felt that Jehovah would

    never act. However, Jehovah assured all that

    his great day was near. (Zeph. 1:12, 14) Salvation

    would come only to those who took refuge

    in him. (Zeph. 3:12, 17) As we ‘keep ourselves

    in expectation of Jehovah,’ may we find

    delight in serving unitedly with fellow worshippers

    of our great God!—Zeph. 3:8, 9.

    2. What action must we take to be concealed in the

    day of Jehovah’s anger?

    3. Why should we maintain a positive attitude in the


    4. Why should we ‘keep ourselves in expectation of


    Take as a Pattern the Prophets



    Song 58 and Prayer

    Q Congregation Bible Study:

    cl chap. 10 _18-21, box on p. 106 (30 min.)

    Q Theocratic Ministry School:

    Bible reading: Numbers 1-3 (10 min.)

    No. 1: Numbers 3:21-38 (4 min. or less)

    No. 2: “All Sorts of Men” Will Be Saved—rs

    p. 357 _2 (5 min.)

    No. 3: Accusation—How Were Accusations

    Handled Under Hebrew and Roman Law?—it-1

    p. 39 _4-8 (5 min.)

    Q Service Meeting:

    Song 89

    10 min: Are You Prepared for the New School

    Year? Discussion. Invite audience to outline

    some of the challenges Christian youths face at

    school. Explain how parents can use ourWeb site

    and other theocratic tools to prepare their children.

    (1 Pet. 3:15) Choose one or two common

    challenges, and relate some of the helpful information

    provided by the organization. Invite audience

    to comment on how they were able to

    give a witness while at school.

    10 min: Interview the Secretary. What does

    caring for your assignment involve? How can

    group overseers and publishers help you to compile

    a congregation service report that is accurate

    and on time? How does an accurate report

    help the elders, the circuit overseer, and

    the branch office to provide needed encouragement?

    10 min: “Take as a Pattern the Prophets

    —Zephaniah.” Questions and answers.

    Song 70 and Prayer

    km14 07-E Us



    Song 51 and Prayer

    Q Congregation Bible Study:

    cl chap. 11 _1-8 (30 min.)

    Q Theocratic Ministry School:

    Bible reading: Numbers 4-6 (10 min.)

    No. 1: Numbers 4:17-33 (4 min. or less)

    No. 2: Does the Bible Say That Some Will Never

    Be Saved?—rs p. 358 _1-3 (5 min.)

    No. 3: Accusation—Jehovah Overrules Bad

    Laws, and He Judges Those Who Make False Accusations—

    it-1 p. 39 _9–p. 40 _1 (5 min.)

    Q Service Meeting:

    Song 85

    10 min: Offer the Magazines During August.

    Discussion. Using the sample presentations on

    this page, demonstrate how the magazines may

    be offered to someone when engaging in the

    special campaign on the weekends. Then invite

    comments from the audience on these questions:

    Why should we offer the magazines on the

    weekends in August when it is appropriate to do

    so? What are some occasions when this would

    be appropriate?

    10 min: Local needs.

    10 min: How Did We Do? Discussion. Invite

    publishers to comment on howthey benefited by

    applying points from the article “Improving Our

    Skills in the Ministry—Initiating a Conversation in

    Order to Witness Informally.” Ask the audience

    to relate good experiences.

    Song 75 and Prayer

    ˛ Literature offer for July: Feature one of the following

    32-page brochures: Good News From God!, Listen to God,

    or Listen to God and Live Forever. August: Special campaign

    distribution of a new tract to advertise the jw.org

    Web site. September and October: TheWatchtower and

    Awake! magazines.

    ˛ Since August has five full weekends, it would be an excellent

    month to auxiliary pioneer.


    Where CanWe Find Answers to Life’s

    Big Questions?

    Hand the tract to the householder so that

    he can see the title and say: “Hello. We are

    sharing in a worldwide campaign to distribute

    this important message. This is your copy.”

    If you are leaving the tract at not-at-homes,

    place it out of sight and avoid folding it unnecessarily.

    If the householder expresses interest or desires

    to talk, you might ask his opinion on the

    multiple-choice question on the front. Open

    the tract, and show him what Psalm 119:144,

    160 says. Explain that the tract contains information

    about a Web site that can help him

    find satisfying answers in the Bible. Perhaps

    you can show him a sample by playing the

    video Why Study the Bible? Before you leave,

    point out the three questions on the back

    page of the tract and ask which one concerns

    him the most. Offer to return so that you can

    show him how to find the Bible’s answer to

    that question by using jw.org. When you return,

    discuss the answer by looking under BIBLE


    If you are also distributing invitations to your

    regional convention, hand the householder the

    invitation at the same time you give him the

    tract and add, “In addition, we have given

    you an invitation to an upcoming free public


    34567_ August 1

    On weekends, when appropriate, say this to

    feature The Watchtower: “We would also like

    to offer you our current magazines. This issue

    of The Watchtower answers the question,

    Is God interested in you?”


    On weekends, when appropriate, say this

    to feature the Awake! magazine: “We would

    also like to offer you our current

    magazines. This issue of

    Awake! answers the question,

    How can people make peace?”

    Sample Presentations


    Field Service Highlights

    Harbor witnessing is established in 38 major ports in the

    United States. In January 2014, the harbor witnessing

    groups in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Seattle reported

    that 98 brothers visited 274 cargo ships. They placed

    1,349 books, 289 magazines, and 2,110 brochures. They

    also conducted 75 Bible studies. Truly, merchants, shepherds,

    and traders are part of the expansion of Jehovah’s

    organization!—Isa. 60:6-9.

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