How many times did you get deleted?

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  • insearchoftruth4

    Removed like the Gong Show. I lost count somewhere after the 3rd time. On a T school nite about 6 pm i stopped by the s/oversneers house..

    he had the instruction talk, i had the bible highlights and a service meeting part, we shot a few baskets and drank couple of glasses of

    peppermint schnapps,190 proof!! it tasted good. The meeting started at 7:30. My boy didn't show up! so i had to do his part, walking up to the

    platform it hit me like a sledgehammer, WHOA!!.. everybody knew!!! ..oh shame, shame

    something else came up a few months later (i forget). They took away the pee/on thing but i was still doing service meeting parts ect. what a JOKE!

    altogether gonged about 8 or 9 times give or take a time or half a bout y'all?


  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Lol... Are you drinking right now??? lol

    Lol Removed like The Gong Show. lol

    I have never seen anyone drunk at the KHall, though it would have been fun to watch, and there were some secret alcoholics in the congo .

    What is a pee/on??? thing ??? lol

    ----->>> Gonged about 8 or 9 times? At the KHall ? I don't quite understand what you mean. I am sure you do not mean you were drunk at

    the Hall that many times, because you would have gotten Df'ed.

    Do you mean you went on stage with your fly opened, or had one black shoe on and one brown shoe on, or you went to the platform to give a talk and you had your bedroom slippers on??? Or you gave the wrong week's Bible reading? (All those things happened to my ex). lol


  • insearchoftruth4

    Hi Lois!!

    It hit me upside the head as I was walking halfway up the isle to the stage..BANG!! This sister 3 chairs in was shaking her head whispering at me saying

    i ought not be drinking before the meeting as I'm walking back down the isle...Then I had to get up there again..pee on thing is pioneer thing..

    removed as a pioneer than removed as a servant than over and over again and again. one time they made me servant for 1 week then gong..removed..

    fly open, no socks 'yeah' was some crazy drama out in Reno in the 70s and 80s..DFed? they tried and tried and i lied and yeah,

    there was alot of booze hounds out there..


  • Skinnedsheep

    Reno was and is still a crazy town in the congs.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    InSearchof ... Were you at the special talk Bro Knorr gave in Reno in Jan/ Feb 1971? He was there to dedicate a KHall up at Truckee.

    We drove up from LA. The back way in, on the East side of the High Sierria Mountains. On the way back it started snowing really bad, so we stayed the night, at a cute little no name motel.


    PS Now, that I am out, I think it is grand, that you lied and lied and lied. lol It is absolutely nobody's business what you were doing, wanted to do or did do.

    The poor sheeples do not know that sometimes their "actions" become party foder ( sp ) (talk) with some elder's.

    That was funny being a servant for 1 week, then getting "gonged" out. lol

    Would you say they loved you so kept you around, or that they did not like you and kept trying to find fault with you.

    Just curious.

  • villagegirl

    These are great ideas - For you elders out there trying to figure out how to "step-down"

    Just show up at the KH with no socks and your fly open, works like a charm apparently,

    better yet no socks and no shoes and your fly open : )

  • insearchoftruth4


    One night i got deleted and public reproof for a couple of roaches that fell out of my pocket on the carpet.

    The end result was a fantastic experience. After the meeting, these very well endowed sisters were giving me hugs and kissing my cheek and my neck

    for over an hour!! their kids were shaking my hand! .. it was like i gave each of these sisters a dozen of Beautiful Roses.. It felt like i hit 3 run home run

    in bottom of ninth. This one sister (ooh) was hugging and kissing my neck, kissing both my cheeks, her lips were so close to mine, I could almost taste

    taste her..Her husband was staring at us as he was going in and out of the elders room, he didn't like me.. If it could be like that 3 nights a week..

    I think it would happier world..minus the nonsense of the jc meetings of course.


    You tell em!!

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    What are roaches? Cockroaches fell out of your pocket?? Are condoms called roaches???

    I can sort of see, if you have condoms fall out of your pocket at the KHall, but that is no proof you were using them...

    I don't understand why the sisters were kissing on you???


  • snare&racket

    It's like reading the sunday morning mumbles of Hunter S Thompson......

    Village's spread disease....keep em' closed!

  • insearchoftruth4


    Roaches is little bit weed. That geen leaf you know..It helped me to get along at the time..

    The chairman of the JC meeting made an announced that insot4 is publicly reproved by the body of elders..he didn't like me at all either.

    They made the announcement at close of the meeting before the song, after that, thats when them sisters came giving me this wonderful attention.

    It was fantastic!!


    i was at sunvalley, mt rose, seirra vista congo's. Last time i was there was in the early nighties, visited the old congo, it was awful. Had to leave fast.

    Snare..... thats funny!! checking it out now..


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