Today's wt study! Notice the faults?

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  • steve2

    I feel for people, active JWs and nonactive alike, who either feel the need to read through this sort of predictable and disheartening drivel or, at this time, cannot get away from it (e.g., due to family obligations.

    It is like being inside a dark and cramped room yet and being scorched by a smelly heat lamp while outdoors there is real refreshing sunshine, breeze and rolling green hills. Who'd want to even think about going back to the dark and cramped room?

  • clarity

    Sheep and Goats

    Shepherds in ancient Israel likely worked with, among others, the broadtail Syrian variety of sheep, which have large fatty tails and a thick fleece. The rams of this breed are horned, and the ewes are not. These docile animals are easily led and completely at the mercy of their environment and predators.

    Shepherds also cared for goats. The goats were uniformly black or brown. Their long, flapping ears easily got torn on thorns and briar bushes as they clambered on rocky hillsides and grazed on shrubbery.

    The shepherd faced the ongoing challenge of teaching the sheep and goats to obey his commands. Even so, good shepherds took tender care of the animals in their charge, even giving them names to which they would respond.—John 10:14, 16.

    The Seasons of the Shepherd

    That is not a shearing sissors is a skinning knife!

    Well, I finally got the pic on here hahah.. * When a sheep is sheared (hair cut) there is still short wool still on the skin! This shepard, depicting jehovahs kindly shepards, :-( is actually SKINNING the sheep! Watchtower is laughing at us! They put this pic right under our noses....knowing full well most jdubs are so programmed they will not even notice! Do we wonder why talks at meetings are so depressing! So much blasted double talk is making them sick! clarity

  • Oubliette

    SIAR: the irony is that the very reason they feel stressed or worthless is because of the pressures the org puts on them to perform!!!

    It's not ironic. It's deliberate. This is Abuser 101: Abuse, manipulate and control your codependent partner(s) and make sure they are convinced it is all their fault.

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes Oubliette, you are right! Its the classic "battered partner" situation we have discussed before!

    I see your point!

    Now Im even more angry.....

    You should have heard our cong lap up all the material....and the self condemning and emotional comments was sickening.

    I was so close to just turning the sound off and walking out!

  • Oubliette

    Here is a good point to keep in mind if and when someone in the congregation is laying a guilt trip on us:

    • God’s view was the one that really mattered, not what other people thought. - p. 14, para 10

    On the other hand, notice how the WT subtly induces guilt with this comment that seemingly is intended to encourage:

    • When, like the needy widow, you are doing all you can in Jehovah’s service, you have solid reason for believing that you are “in the faith.”- p. 15, para 11

    We all know that virtually anyone that reads that will think to themselves, "Am I really doing all can in 'Jehovah's service.' I could do more; I should do more!" [Guilt, guilt, guilt].

  • ohnightdivine

    Evil. I got very sick of yesterday's WT study that I couldn't sleep very well

  • ohnightdivine

    Evil. I got very sick of yesterday's WT study that I couldn't sleep very well

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