Is there a unwritten statute of limitations

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  • Clambake


    My friend who is 60 and has been out for 15 years just started to attend a baptist church. Both his parents have passed on and he figures he wants to get back into his spiritity and bible. He lives in a community of 20,000 people. Small enough for people to be up in your business but big enough for a quite fade. He has never been removed or quit.

    I am sure people know. You can't be seen in a suit and tie in a restaurant sunday at 12.00 without some gossip.

    I think he has a brother and sister still in. All either family members have either faded or never were baptized.

    He is a very sinerce person i don't believe he even cares what the elders think.

    Is there a point where is it pointless to make an issue of it , especially if you don't have a big JW family to guilt/extort you into attending.

  • OnTheWayOut

    especially if you don't have a big JW family to guilt/extort you into attending.

    Everyone should be able to move on in whatever way they deem necessary. Of course it is easier if you have no family that will shun you.
    Some have been open about their newfound beliefs when older JW family died or were far away and wouldn't know about it. Some have DA'ed after their JW loved ones were gone.

    I would not understand at all why someone would refrain from doing what they want concerning worship UNLESS some JW loved one would object and perhaps shun them or rat them out.

    Edited to add:
    But of course, JW's have no statute of limitations. If they want to, they will go after someone judicially even years later.


    It's always good to remember that WE are not really the center of other people's concerns. I suspect that the JWs couldn't care less about this matter. The best bet is to stop worrying about 'what other people think'.

  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    Being part of the ORG is like having a really bad tattoo that has penetrated the subcutaneous layer of fat below the skins surface. It can never be undone. Yes, you can remove the tattoo, but the scars are there and a faint but perceptible image still lay beneath the surface.

    The ORG is like the tattoo artist, half-drunk and not-so-steady of hand who sees the scar and reminds you that you had a tattoo there. In fact, he opens a binder full of polaroids or instamatic shots of the tattoo and says, "You had a tattoo there right?" He never forgets. He never forgets.

    It's like the Eagles said, "You can check out, but you can never leave."


  • Clambake

    My wife has a friend who walked away at 17. Got pregnant out of wedlock at 30 and had to get up in front of the last kingdom hall and repent. Half the people in the hall had no idea who she even was and she didn’t bother ever attending again.

    All so she could keep contact with her parents. It was all so fake.

    I was just wondering when you were active , did you see the stupidity of the whole charade.

  • stillin

    Clambake. Really? Get up in front of a Kingdom Hall and repent?

    like, wow

  • OnTheWayOut

    People don't " get up in front of the [last] kingdom hall and repent." I know you are an unbelieving mate (UBM) so I am trying to help you out. She would have had to sit there in silence for maybe many months and if they tried to talk to her before/after the meeting, let people know "I am disfellowshipped." That way, they know to shun her. Then one day, they would announce her name and say "Sister XXX has been reinstated." By then, they would know something of her. If she wasn't disfellowshipped but just walked away years ago then met with the elders when she was pregnant, perhaps the announcement by a brother was that "A matter concerning Sister XXXX has been dealt with and she is repentant." That would explain nobody knowing who she was. Feel free to ask her what happened.

    But otherwise, yeah- "so she could keep contact with her parents. It was all so fake."

    Those who see the stupidity usually are close to leaving or are faking it like your friend, for family's sake.

  • villagegirl

    I often wonder what the real figures are for people who are

    actual believers and GB and WT followers, hardcore, and how many

    are just faking it. Do you think half ?

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