What On Earth Makes The Watchtower Organization Think That Inactive Ones a Would Ever Want To Go Back To The Vomit?

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  • minimus

    Do they actually believe that if they tell you that you are "missed", that you will desire to return to the sheepfold?

  • Tiktaalik

    Evidently, some people love the taste of vomit.

    Lots of people posting here know it's puke, but they keep lapping it up anyway.

  • designs

    The social void when you leave can be very overwhelming, some can contemplate going back just to escape the loneliness.

  • punkofnice

    The WBT$ probably think that their mind control works better than it does.

    'We missed you at the meeting(tm).' is so transparent it's cringeworthy. Why didn't they miss me at Tesco or Greggs? Answer, because Tesco or Greggs can't be used as a judgmental guilt trip.

    In any case the WBT$ seem to be ramping up control and scrounging for money.....they look desparate TBH.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    As I said to an Elder last week, "Have you seen Brother so-and-so in the nursing home recently?".

    "No I haven't" was the reply!

    I felt like telling him to spend less time trying to campaign for new recruits, and show more compassion for the abandoned ones he's already got in his clutches!

    Shepherds? Glorious Ones? Princes? Hiding places from the wind? They're delusional, thanks to the belief in their own publicity !!!!

  • blondie

    I found you can still be alone in a room full people with their cliques, gossip, unofficial shunning, cruel snipes, self-righteous snipes, etc. And that's just your family.

    Too many jws are trapped in the abuse cycle, like women who go back to the man who punched them every day. These men don't love them. You are worth more than that. It's time to get out of punching range and stay there.

  • losingit

    About the loneliness- - I often have dreams that my old jw friends came over to visit and talk. It's usually very emotional for me, and I wake up sad bc I miss them so much. It's hard for me to mae friends, always has been, so being shunned by ppl I've known for 10+ years hurt a lot.

    However , nomatter how much I miss them I will never go back. I don't miss the meetings at all. I don't miss the assemblies at all. The "information" spewed is boring and... dangerous! I actually prefer knowing I'm a good person bc I make a point of being good to ppl (being loving, caring, considerate, kind,giving) not bc I have the title of being a jw. I have freedom to be ME now, and if the price is loneliness, that's okay. I WILL NEVER EVER GO BACK.

  • LongHairGal


    People who go back to the religion are usually missing loved-ones who are there or they miss a social network of sorts. Sometimes, they have financial/business entanglements and are keeping up "appearances". Thankfully, I had none of these issues and I made sure I planned my "fade" in advance.

    I got a few cards from phonies that said "we miss you". Meanwhile, most of these people ignored me while I was there, so go figure. Now, they will barely utter a small hello if I see them in public places. So, obviously they don't really miss me nor I them.

    Witnesses just miss the familiarity of certain faces being at the same place when they are. It does not mean they have anything to do with that person once they step outside of the kingdom hall. Also,Witnesses are threatened when somebody leaves because they themselves harbor doubts that they suppress and this makes them think. Thinking too hard is something that will send many JWs into depression.

    Walking away from that sham was the best thing I did. Sorry I didn't do it sooner.

  • WTWizard

    How come they don't need such guilt trips to lure people to shop at Wegmans or Publix, the two highest rated supermarkets in the most recent CR? You go to another store for a while, they don't make you feel guilty because you missed something for a week or two at Publix or because you were not at Wegmans during the last few weeks. I believe it's because they have something to offer that is of value--good products, presented nicely, at fair prices.

    Now, if the washtowel would offer fine product at a fair price, maybe people would go there without the fuss.

  • Phizzy

    If someone showed interest in the Ragmags I always gave them several older ones along with the latest, made my F. S Report look fantastic ! and got rid of the old ones.

    Despite this wonderful Bogoff offer, none of these people became JW's.

    I reported on another thread how my old friend Bill got a visit from two Elders who said that the Governing Body had asked them to call on him, 'coz they missed him. (The G.B would not know Bill if he bit them on thier Corporate arses).

    Bill pointed out that he could not go back to the religion he had left, it no longer existed, he would have to be converted to the New Jehovah's Witnesses that had emerged in the years since he had left.

    He said to them, "There's a challenge for you !", in other words, convince Bill that you have the Truth (now, it obviously wasn't the Truth when Bill was in, as its all changed).

    Bill says he won't hold his breath waiting for them to come and study all the Noo Lite with him, and says they will get a mouthful if they try the same call when the C.O visits next time. (The C.O visit prompted the call).

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