Anti JW Internet Banner Ad Campaign

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  • kneehighmiah

    I would be willing to donate if some of the big anti watchtower activist worked together to create an anti-jw internet banner ad campaign. One click could change lives. For example the material on jwfacts could irreversibly damage the faith of even the strongest JW in under an hour. its impossible to read crisis of conscience and continue on the same. the banner would be linked to a free site with the most damaging info. It would designed to rattle even a solid jw in under 15 minutes. Then after they researched to see that what was posted is true, they would likely return. Topics to start out with would be candace Conti. Ask JWs isf they knew their donations were being used to support child abuse settlements. This will hit hard. Then you could move onto destroying doctrine and highlighting false prophecies. Attack the notion that the watchtower is the only way to salvation. Attacking doctrine has minimal effect on witnesses because the doctrine is always subject to change. So focus on undermining their faith in the governing body and the organization.

  • Fernando

    One way to get started right away is DIY until others "get it" and want "in".

    Not too hard to get a banner designed and hosted with links to JWfacts and possibly your own webpage.

  • cultBgone

    You could use gofundme or a similar site for funding the project.

  • kneehighmiah

    I would want it to appear on yahoo and google and popular web pages like CNN and facebook. I wonder how much that costs?


    What about a youtube video about JWism that asks for funding to put up a billboard or something similar? What would it cost to advertise on a big electronic sign near the International convention?? It would be nice if AAWA would help out, but sometimes they seem a little sensational to me. We just want FACTS. A huge flashing "JWFACTS.COM-The Truth about the "TRUTH." would work well, IMO.

    Speaking for myself, the facts were enough. Hype was a real turn-off for me because I have had enough emotionally driven half truths for one life-time.


  • Crazyguy

    I think pop ups and banner ads are a great idea, they could be taylored to key words so when someone looks at or types in Jehovah or anything religious these ads would pop up. I would donate.

  • kneehighmiah

    After this newest donation push I think a lot of people would be upset to learn that their money is going to pay Candace Conti. They will want to know why this is being hidden. The ad could ask people if they knew we lost a 20 million dollar decision. Then the linked article could supply facts from reputable news sources. Then people will want to know what else they're hiding, and may follow another link to jwfacts. sensationalist claims will have little impact on JWs. Accusing the organization of killing people and breaking up families will not work.


    "sensationalist claims will have little impact on JWs. Accusing the organization of killing people and breaking up families will not work."

    That is a good point. Those types of claims turn on the cult-mind. The normal mind of a human is concerned with human rights, protecting children, honesty, ect. If a JW will just look at the facts, then they will see TTATT, that is precisely why the WTBTS spends so much time creating an insular world for JWs.

    If you say, " Rutherford supported the Nazi regime!!!", [ actually used at a DC as an example of "apostate" claims] as JW shakes their head. If they read the actual letter, then they can fill in the blanks at their own pace.


  • SAHS

    I would certainly be willing to donate also. If everyone were to donate even just a dollar to a tangible campaign such Internet banner ads and maybe some physical billboard ads along a major highway, think of the effectiveness. And it would definitely be lifesaving, even if it prevents one child or baby from being denied a necessary blood transfusion!

    Hit them where it hurts – information. Let’s shine a light on that filthy, dark cave of ignorance.

  • Kikura

    wait- this sounds like AAWA-

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