Do you think it will be easier or harder to be appointed elder under the new arrangment?

by toto555 14 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • designs

    How well can a evaluation be from a CO who visits a congregation once or twice a year. Hours Hours Hours and some feedback from the existing BOE on who they like.

  • sir82

    I suspect appointments will be about the same, neither easier nor harder.

    However, I also suspect that deletions may be more frequent. I would bet that personality conflicts with the CO will be much more likely to be "settled" quickly and mercilessly. I can think of a few CO / BOE elder meetings in the past where, if the CO would have had the authority, he would have "fired" an elder on the spot.

  • Phizzy

    dear sir82, I think that is the plan. Give more power to the C.O to get rid of dissenters.

    Can you imagine the number of Elders who would have been vocal about the new Donation scam were it not for this new threat? the threat being that they will be summarily removed if they dissent in any way .

  • punkofnice

    It's going to be a brown nose job whoever does the appointing. Suck ups win. Genuine brothers lose.

  • westiebilly11

    desperate for elders?....that's for in southwest uk a longtime ms has been appointed an elder...this is a man who 20 years ago killed four others in a road crash when he was travelling too fast and hit a car crossing a junction....he received £1.2 million as compensation...and has lived off it ever since...not able to work but can drive, garden ,paint, build etc etc....he has a family and his eldest son was made a ms two years ago......his late father ( a very well loved elder) always said that his son was not elder material, but now a year after he died his son has been made an elder. Whenever I asked his son and daughter in law how his elderly father was I'd get the shocking reply :'We don't know and we don't care' (!) He is an egotististical self centred person who although capable of walking the walk and talking the talk is very much money orientated. So much so that I can recall another local (modest) ms brother telling me how this man complained that he had to 'lose' £20,000 to avoid paying tax..! He even drives a new range rover with personalised/surnamed number plates.....when we had hall cleaning evenings he would be the brother who'd occupy himself fiddling unecessarily with the sound system while sisters got their hands dirty cleaning the toilets etc etc.......I'd love to publish his name as I'm sure he's well known locally in devon/cornwall/somerset.........his appointment as elder has shown me that nepotism is rife within congregations.....very much a case of 'jobs for the boys'...

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