I amnot JW. Could you help me about bible study?

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  • villagegirl

    What is your first, native, language ? I sense it is not English.

    Where are you ? If you are in North America or any place that has free

    libraries go to the library and ask the librarian where the Bibles are.

    Get one in your language of birth. Read the New Testament.

    Starting with Matthew Mark Luke and John then read James and Romans.

    Just read it and think about it. The JW's will not really study the Bible with you

    they will study a WatchTower Book that will teach you their doctrines.

    They will tell you that eight men in New York City are the sole channel of communication

    between mankind and God and that you must do as those men tell you to.

    If you disobey they will cast you out and refuse to speak to you.

    They will lie to you that this is true to get you to become a Jehovah's Witness.

    You will have to pledge to pay money every month to the men in New York.

    But at first they will be very nice to you, to lure you in.

  • Jeffro
    emre01, if you want to study the Bible with Jehovah's Witnesses, go to jw.org and request a Bible study.

    The 'Bible study' course offered by JWs isn't actually a study of the Bible. It is an indoctrination program that focuses on particular scriptures - frequently out of context - in order to convince a person to join the JW religion.

  • Fernando

    What are your questions emre01?

  • caroline77

    Download the bible at www.e-sword.net It is free and I find it very useful. There are several versions available.

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