A nice find if you want to dispute the new "Donation" arrangement.

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    I will probably use this line in my Bible Highlights tonight! It's from the 5/1/1950 WT article " A Christian Use of Material Wealth."

    The money which is contributed by persons who accept the printed Bible-study helps from Jehovah’s witnesses aids quite a bit in keeping the work going. The greater part of the financial assistance, however, comes from other voluntary contributions made by Jehovah’s witnesses, by others associating with them, and by any persons who desire to support the work in this manner. It is a joy and an assurance to us, and we believe it will be to you also, for us to again confirm the fact that never in its history has the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society, nor its representatives, solicited any funds, nor “taken up a collection”, or levied tithes. Christians ‘covet no man’s gold’. (Acts 20:33) In following such Scriptural rule Jehovah’s blessing has been upon his organization.



    Here is what SPLASH said on another thread!

    "Tomorrows Bible reading includes this verse:

    (Ex 25:2) "Speak to the sons of Israel, that they may take up a contribution for me: From every man whose heart incites him YOU people are to take up the contribution of mine.

    Immediately prior to the local needs item (where I guess there will be the donation request) is a discussion item on the wt and Awake magazines for May.
    Interestingly the Awake is about stress, and the first page of this article (page 4) mentions financial insecurity.

    It would be great, just before they ask for your money, to comment on how "the Awake really is in tune with what concerns people today, since it seems everywhere you turn bills are going up, and people are after your money all the time. It's such a stress to be continually faced with more and more things to pay out for, and have more and more money demanded from us in this wicked world."


    I would also add some kind of comment about evil Christendom's "commercialized religions" and how JWs have " THE TRUTH" because we don't impose financial burdens on the flock by taking up collections, or tithing, or asking for specific amounts at specific times..


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    Data-dog, the only problem with that approach is that JWs are indoctrinated to accept whatever the WT leaders say NOW.

    Whatever they said in the PAST is irrelevant.

    I'm sure if you share that with any current JW, there would be a moment of confusion in their eyes as the cognitive dissonance kicks in. This would soon be followed by that all-too-familiar glazed over look as their thought-stopping indoctrination takes over. This would soon be followed by some muttered something about "New Light" and the "Faithful Slave" and "Jehovah's Organization."

    It's a losing battle trying to reach a cult member by attacking their teachings, practices and doctrines.

    After all, where else would they go?

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    *** w13 7/1 p. 4 Can You Trust Religion Regarding Money? ***
    Jehovah’s Witnesses commonly meet in modest buildings called Kingdom Halls. How are expenses covered? They never pass collection plates, nor do they send out envelopes to solicit donations.Rather, any who appreciate the spiritual program can discreetly place a donation in a contribution box at the Kingdom Hall.


    "Unlike the churches of Christendom, Jehovah’s Witnesses do not take up collections or send out envelopes to solicit donations." --W 12/1/87, p.30


    Obviously the GB has gotten "new light" because Jehovah™ is suddenly short of cash and realized "false religion" has a good thing going for themselves by tithing its members.


    That's true, Oubliette.

    I don't expect to de-convert anyone. I just want my wife to be all excited that I am answering, and then I want to cause some MAJOR Cognitive Dissonance... I also want the Eldubs wondering WHY I gave that comment, and HOW could I know about the announcement?? Did I know!?!? Hoe could ANYONE know?? Was it Jeehoober's spirit?!?!



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    This would soon be followed by some muttered something about "New Light" and the "Faithful Slave" and "Jehovah's Organization. - Oubiette

    Funny stuff. And very true.


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    I wonder if the publishers know that the money they put in the WWW box will go to the society, and the money they put in the Local KHall box will now also go to the society.

    The WWW benefits two times over.

    I'm going to ask if we need to contribute into the WWW box at all, now that we're sending them a regular amount from our own savings each month anyway.


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