How to cope with depression?

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  • cofty

    I thought this UN information film on depression was realistic..


  • Aunt Fancy
    Aunt Fancy

    About a year after I started to study i became very depressed. I went to numerous therapists, drs and tried many forms of medication. I got so bad I didn't want to leave the house at times and then my physical health took a huge toll. This went on for 30 years until I finally found an excellent therapist who helped me along with a natural dr. I went off all of my meds right before we left the religion and it is just amazing how connected this is. I am back to my pre-cult health for the most part.

  • make yourself
    make yourself

    I firmly believe that my depression is from the organization. It's really sad how mentally destructive it is.


    1) Heavy drinking

    2) crying in the fetal position all alone

    3) JWN

    4) making up your mind to kick ass, and then doing so.

    5) YOGA

    6) learn something new that you always dreamed of doing. [ fencing, jeet-kun-do, bushido, doesn't matter. Do it for YOU.

    7) Stand up for yourself. Tell those haters to piss off.

    And yes, I am a liscensed therapist. I am an analrapist. Analyst/Therapist.


  • nonjwspouse

    coping with depression is as individual as the person. These ideas presented here are very good, and each should be tried. REALLY tried. If you can recognise in yourself, why you are unable to help yourself it is half the battle. Then you can concentrate on taking those steps to mental freedom from the depression. I have started helping out a remodeling contractor. Working a job that is not anywhere close to what I should have, but it is getting me out and earning something. I worried so long about taking care of others, that I sacrificed my ability to even get a job in my field at this point. But getting out and actually earning something is helping me. I am physically exhausted, and migraine prone right now but hopefully that will pass. Feeling more independent at this point is pretty critical for me. I feel as if I am watching my husband slowly self destruct, and I was going down with him.


  • kaik

    If you suffer with depression, it is always good to talk to your doctor. There is nothing wrong with it and he or she can prescribe some short term medication. On the longer term you would have to figure out underlying cause of your depression. Generally, depression tends to increase in late winter and early spring due lack of sunshine. Exercise, and get us much fresh air and sunshine you can get.

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