A Spiritual Experience

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  • simplesally

    I know what you all mean!

    I was skiing, looking at the trees, the mountains, feeling the air. I knew I could talk to God. I was so thankful to my parents and my eyes filled with tears for all the things they gave me: the education, the love, the ski lessons, the bowling, tennis, swimming, horseback riding lessons....., the time they spent with us.

    My dad told me before I had my daughter, that he would sell his immortal soul if he knew I would be happy forever. If he knew I could be in paradise or heaven, he would be happy to be even in a place called hell.

    I look at my daughter and cry everyday. Everyday. She is something I'd give my life for. I'd probably give my life for any child. But my girl is what I have and I'd give my immortal soul, I'd give up anything to save her. I look at her, I laugh with her, I hold her, I cuddle her and we laugh together... and life is good.

    This is what God made us for. To love our families, to live by our consciences, to be moral human beings. I remember the law of love, the law of the Christ, not the scribal laws of the society.

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