How Many Here Have Ever Been Reproved or DFd?

by minimus 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • kaik

    My mom, cousins, sibling, and uncle were all reproved. My two cousins are (or were - I have not talked to them for 15 years) elders and they tried to defraud taxes and loans from the bank because Armageddon was about to happen and they hoped to not paying it back, but worldly justice got them and they lost their positions only to get it back. They had too many kids in WT religion and the KH was pretty much made of their families, relatives, and friends. I think being reproved is like brownie point in the organization.

  • mzmmom

    I started smoking so that I would get df'd. I was a teenager, and it was either that or get pregnant. I went to my df announcement, and walked out right after.

  • exwhyzee

    Nope...neither my wife or I ever wound up on the cover of Disfellowshipped! magazine or even so much as posed for the cover of it's semi monthly companion... Disassociated! .

    We managed to fade out successfuly. My last time in a K.H. was a Memorial. After attending the same Hall regularly for over 25 years, it took them nearly 3 years before anyone came looking for us...they knew better. It was the new C.O who arrived one rainy Saturday morning unannounced and I filled him in on what caused us to leave...really gave him an earful. He slunk away and we haven't heard a thing from them since.

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