So I was letting my mind wander during the closing song tonight....

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  • Shador

    .... and I noticed that you can take the melody for song 135 and plug in the words to "Amazing Grace" and it fits perfectly. Odd.

  • blondie
  • villagegirl

    Very Odd since the Watchtower does not teach that Grace and belief bring all

    believers as equals into the body of Christ and all are annointed with holy spirit

    and all believers should by Grace partake of the emblems when to signify the one spirit

    and one hope to which they were called.

  • NeonMadman

    There's no special significance to the fact that the lyrics fit, it's just that the two songs have the same meter, and the same pattern of syllables per line. The lyrics to Amazing Grace also work with the melody of the Gilligan's Island theme, for example. Hymnals take advantage of this factor all the time; indexes in some hymnals often show a named pattern that can be used with a particular hymn.

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